Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Rest of the Story

That's the washer agitator. 
That's what I found when I took the wet clothes out 

Uh huh.  

Remember my repair job in the pasture last week?  I didn't clean my pockets out well enough, obviously. 

Keith will tell you (rat on me) that it's not the first time, though it is the most serious. 

I thank God nothing worse happened. 
I thank God I decided to sit and do the post before going to WalMart. 

I thank all of you dear readers for your kind sentiments expressed last night. 

And now, back to the regular post. 

Even with the fog, you can see how beautiful it's getting here. 

There!  There you go! 

It's a blessing to walk down in the pasture and look down on the Spehar's big ponds. 

And the little ones are making good use of browsing time. 

Fort Apache is already being put to good use.  As you see, the chickens moved the straw that was loose around a little.  (!) 

I pushed the bales a little closer together so there were no gaps.  

And of course the ducks used it last night....


However, I found an egg under there this morning, so they are getting the idea! 

Abby could not wait to get out to do chores this morning.   For such a chubbette, she is a very game little dog.

Note the destruction caused by our angel kitties, Nickie and Gwen. 

And here come the girls up out of the pasture, where they made sure nothing was lurking around. 

And, guess what? 

They aren't going to make it by Halloween, but I'll have some more porch decorations for Thanksgiving, and for the goats and chickens to enjoy!  

And here's the little home last night in the fog descending, but lights shining, and still intact and welcoming.  
Thank God we were all allright. 


Our little friend Tweedles is very sick and in the specialty hospital, several weeks after her surgery.  Her mama, Georgie, is very worried sick right now.  Won't you all take a minute to send up a prayer for Tweedle's quick recovery?  If you have ever looked at their blog, you will see that Tweedles writes wonderful blog posts... and we hold her in a special place in our hearts. 


  1. I just love your house and farm mary ann, it looks so peaceful and lovely!! Where was Delilah? makes us laugh. I noticed ranger out and about today also. I am glad you posted about tweedles also. I keep checkin but nothing so far.
    Stella Rose

  2. your place looks so warm and welcoming. poor tweedles! i will hope for the best! you can put out green pumpkins! they are my favorites and they will eventually turn orange.

  3. Sorry to hear about Tweedles.

    Glad there was not more damage Mary Ann.

    Lilly Ann has a devious look on her face!

  4. Very scary stuff, I leave all sorts of bad things in my pockets, at least I have in the past. So, so, glad everything was OK with your peaceful and cozy little home, it looks very peaceful and cozy in that picture. Very pretty there and that Abby is such a great helper, always ready to get to work! Sending prayers for Tweedles

  5. I just love the "warm" light in the window shot.

  6. Mary Ann,

    Will the wash machine continue to work, or will you have to get another? I'm so relieved to hear nothing was damaged in your home and everyone is all right.

    Sending prayers up for Tweedles, God Bless!!!

    Fall is very present there, beautiful pictures of mother nature changing.

  7. I too am so grateful that your babies are all okay and you and your house. And I'll go visit Tweedles mom right now.

  8. Glad your home is safe and you guys are too!

  9. Oh boy we are glad everything worked out

  10. What a beautiful place to live in. I love the pictures showing all the beauty of fall there. You are so very blessed. I'll be saying a prayer for Tweedles. Such a cutie, who could resist.

  11. I am so glad every thing looks nice and homey and inviting and all of your animals are all safe.
    I am so glad every thing is fine now. What a scary thing to happen, I will start checking my pockets better.

  12. When I think of the number of time I have washed screws/nails...guess I better check my pockets a little more thoroughly. happy Halloween.


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