Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October Clear and Bright

My porch decorations are slowly being eaten. 

This one (Kelly) REALLY likes to munch on them.  It's funny, he leaves the corn alone. 

"What are we doing out here, Maa maa?"

"Windy, we're planting the tulips that you and Windy and Kelly mixed all together for Maa Maa". 

I planted. 

They ate. 

My other helpers were out there, too. 

The big Range. 

And the beauteous Lil. 

Today, I'll be planting the sweet autumn clematis I bought during the tour on Saturday. 

It's almost, but not quite, time to pull the zinnias out.  There are still a few flowers waiting to bloom, even on October 8th.  I would say I got my money's worth on those seeds! 

They'll flip around and grow in the full sun on the other side of the fence, in the new bed, next year. 
There is a hydrangea bush in their bed that never had a chance this year. 

I'm also thinking of taking out the caryopteris that is too close to the big buddleia. 

Grow little pumpkin, GROW!!!!


  1. They are all such wonderful helpers! Hope your pumpkin gets the chance to turn orange. :-)

  2. my flower beds are pitiful again! too much to do with horses and hobbies.

  3. Not everyone can look out and see goats eating the decorations on their porch! :) That's cute! I'm sure they're loving this time of year, now that it's getting cooler!

  4. I love all your little "helpers"! :-)

  5. It's a bright and beautiful day here too. I've no cute helpers around but I did get out for a hair cut and some groceries. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  6. Yes, grow little pumpkin grow : )
    You've got some sweet helpers there, and some garden goodness still growing.

    Have a happy day :)

  7. Grow pumkin Grow!! How neat to have a goat on your deck!! Funny that he eats the stalk and not the corn!!

  8. Come on little punkin. You can be the Great Punkin
    Benny & Lily

  9. I love looking at the love that is happening at your farm- the flowers and gardens and goaties and chickys,,, and look at your sunshine. I feel love when I visit your farm.
    I whisperd into the little pumpins ear to grow!
    thank you again for helping me with your donation for my back operation at the hospitals.
    Your love means so much to me,,, thank you for helping me to not give up.

  10. My pumpkins look the same as yours. I wonder if we'll make it? :) You have the cutest, cutest, helpers!!

  11. I wish I knew flowers. Seems all I know is veg and herbs. I learn from you. Love your helpers!

  12. Those helpers sure look dedicated to their jobs :-)


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