Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Night and This Morning

Last night.  44 degrees F. 

This morning. 24 degrees F. 

And now.... a word about loss....

This has been a long week in Blogville.  
First, Mr. Pip, then Gracie Lynn, and now Benny, our tiny (and first canine) superhero. 

And here in our hometown, my friends Jill and Calep lost their dashing Border Collie, Dash.  
It doesn't seem fair, friends, but it's life. 

It's hard sometimes to do the right thing for our beloved pets, who give us their unrelenting love no matter what we do to them or for them.  
The right thing, as in letting them go before they suffer undue pain and don't understand why their mamas and daddies are letting them suffer.  

It's hard.  

Prayers coming your way for your sore hearts today. 

(and Mr. Pip's mom's letter is truly something, if you have time to go to the link). 


  1. I loved that picture of the frost on the zinna,,,,it just seemed fitting for the day!
    Stella Rose

  2. Frosty morning pictures are wonderful but not so good for the plants.

    It is never easy to let go of a friend.

  3. Mary Ann,

    Boy did you ever get frost!!!

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Pets are family, it's better to make sure they don't suffer. RIP little superhero!

  4. Mary Ann, I went to read the stories of each of these 3 dear little ones. I didn't know them or their blogs but I'm crying for them and I hurt for those they left behind. Well, you know how it is. We've both been there too.

  5. it is so sad to lose our pets. it is cold here today and flurrying!

  6. So sad to hear about all the fur friends lost.

  7. Very hard and so sad about the losses.

    Good to see Ranger up and about.

    Brrrrr. I hate cold weather. Poor pumpkins.

    Happy weekend to ya'll.

  8. Mary Ann,

    So sorry to hear about your beloved furry friends!

    Hope your flowers can be saved! They're so pretty!


  9. It's been a hard week here with some of my family and friends too. Praying for all the hurting hearts today along with you. I too love that picture of the frost on the zinnias/.

  10. Sorry to hear about the lossof most cherished pets!! Their lives are always so short!! I can't even imagine a day without Augie!! I do believe they have a soul and will be there as it's our time to pass! God Bless.

  11. MA, thank you for the mention of Dash. He truly was dashing and we already miss him very much. Dash, for a Border Collie wasn't all that smart but he was very pretty. He loved to snorkel in even the smallest puddle of water but couldn't swim. He couldn't herd sheep but preferred instead to try to make them fly. He followed not one command willingly but preferred to just wiggle. This was all just fine by us. He was adorable and happy always. His first 2 years of life were awful so, we just let him be silly, naughty Dash, the snorkeling Border Collie who could make sheep fly.
    That'll do, little buddy.. Good. Dog.

  12. I think Jack Frost had a good time at your farm last night- he left you many beautifful things to look at.
    And it reminds me of our pal Benny- his life was a legacy- and he left us many memories to remember him by--
    and one of them was the laughter he and his sissy Lily had,,, and another was the unending love he had for all of us,,
    and us in return- we loved him
    A very beautiful tribute,, we will visit Pips family too

  13. We are sad for your friends Jill and Calep who lost their dashing Border Collie, Dash.
    We say some prayers for them

  14. Thank you for remembering my brother

  15. Gosh, that sure is different weather.

    So sorry to hear of the loss of some very loyal companions, they are all in our thoughts, we hope they are all running together over the rainbow bridge x


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