Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bugs and More = Graphic Photo, so Warning!

This morning, I had to take Abby back to Dr. Tom for xrays.  She has become Un-Housebroken lately, and we are checking to see if there are physical reasons why. 

On  our road, just up from our drive, was this: 

It was a full grown possum, killed early this morning, because the blood was still wet in the road.  It actually was killed on the other side, and lifted by the buzzards. 


That was all that was left of it at 4 PM, when I brought Abby home from her vet visit. 

God's Cleanup Crew, the black headed buzzard, does a great job at keeping our roads clean, and that's why I am telling you about this.  My immediate thought this morning was... "Oh, I need to walk down there and shovel that into the pasture so the road will be clean for the farm tour".  I didn't need to, there won't be anything left by tomorrow. 

Here comes Miss Rotunda, and I am so very happy to announce that she did not have any bladder stones.  Her failure to go outside for the bathroom appears to be behavioral, so as well as the diet, we are working on that.  I was so happy I couldn't wait to get her home.  The words "bladder stones" strike fear into my heart. 

These bugs, that I showed you last night, are "milkweed bugs".  They suck the sap out of the seed pods... so I am going to harvest some seeds before they are all gone.  They are harmless, otherwise, and quite colorful! 

Thanks, Jill! 

And, more good news! 

The Donald is back up on his feet and walking fine.  I am very glad about this, too... so pardon this picture from the derriere side. 

I topped all the waterers off tonight... as we are expecting  storms tomorrow.  We had a thunder and lightening thunderstorm this morning, but it moved out and the weather grew hot and fine. 
Now it is windy out, and tomorrow, we are supposed to plunge from 80's to 60's. 

Oscar's tree against the beautiful October skies. 

Yes, clouds are gathering again. 

Big and Little. 

No, we are not going to have a daily picture of Mr. T.  It just cracked me up, though, that he was laying there facing the hole to the outside, waiting for an unwary mouse to run in.  He's been in the same place the last three days, so the hunting must be good.  

My guess is, if we do go down into the 50's and 60's as is forecast, the snakes are going to go to bed early. 

And tonight, I got this in the mail from the Vet Students at Kansas State University. 

A remembrance of our little brown Kody Moses. 

How I miss him. 

I pray that they were as kind to him as they described him as loving to them. 

He was our good little boy. 

Sleeping in the sun in July.  


  1. What a wonderful gift you got from the Vet students! I got a card from my vet when my Gracie passed and then when we had to put our rabbit down. So thoughtful of them. Makes me happy to see that there are others out there that see them more as just animals. They are our babies,our family.

  2. We are glad you are ok too Abby. We want a pet goat
    Benny & Lily

  3. Mary Ann,

    I'm wondering if your pup was doing the business inside to get a little more attention? My old dog years ago did this. He was a little jealous, even though I would give him attention obviously in his mind it wasn't enough. Great news though, no bladder problems. Fabulous news on Donald!!!

    What a beautiful card and print from the Vet students.

  4. So glad that your dog is ok.
    Yikes on that snake.... no matter how beneficial they might be, they still give me the heebie-jeebies.
    Glad your drake is also doing better.

    Hope tomorrow is a good one for you :)

  5. Glad your pup is ok, and oh, that precious goat face.

  6. October skies are beautiful. I love how blue they are. Same here. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  7. we have been in the mid 80's and are supposed to drop into the 60's by monday. i sure hope so. i need fall!!!

  8. Yes, those buzzards do take care of cleaning up.

    Glad Donald is back on his feet and Abby didn't have stones.

    Holding my breath that the tropical storm doesn't get bad here in Mississippi.

    Those chickens are too cute.

    Mr. Snake, mouse catcher, egg eater. You be glad you live at Mary Ann's.

    Happy weekend.

  9. Aha! Milkweed bugs, thank you! SO glad Abby didn't have the stones :) That is beyond sweet of the Vets to send you that card and memorial, wonderful, caring people obviously. Very heartwarming. Vultures sure are amazing, they are a great clean up crew, I'll give them that!

  10. God's cleanup crew are essential - even if we find them a little distasteful we couldn't be without them... a place for all! What a lovely reminder of Kody, he will always be with you and wonderful news about Abby!

    Have a nice weekend :-)

  11. That last picture breaks my heart. But I am so glad Abby is okay.


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