Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Aftershow

Well, the old folks (Keith and I)  went to Ottawa, Kansas, to see the Little River Band last night. 

They have a lovely downtown district, which I will take a picture of, the next time I'm there. 

I did at least get the sign. 

Here is the auditorium, and, as you see, it is not very large.  Seats 840. 

Very intimate for a concert. 

Inside... we were in the fourth row of the balcony.  I want you all to notice something...there is NOTHING on the stage except the musician's equipment.  No light show, no explosives, nothing.  See the merchandise in the orchestra pit?  That's where they sold it, and after the show, a table was set up to the left of the hanging merchandise, and the band came out and pressed the flesh.  They also wandered through downtown Ottawa and into the lobby after the show.  

I got them all here except for the guitarist on the left.  I was so lucky, I had no one directly in front of me, and had a good view all night.  They did a one and a half hour show. 

My point is.... without all the extra "stuff" , they put on a great show of 1970's and 1980's hits (in what is about the tenth edition of this band) and thoroughly entertained everyone there. 

I'm afraid the last two mornings of cold temps have done it to the beautiful pumpkin vines.  I'm praying that the fruits on the vines ripen, even though the vines are dying now, it appears.  

Ferdy's marching along the potato bed, looking for his girls under the bushes.  You can see that some potatoes are growing in this bed again. 

The two old Japanese roosters are still with us, One and Two.  Their brothers Three, and Butch, my pet, are also still with us.  There are only fifteen birds in the old henhouse tonight. 

But this beautiful little Mille Fleur, Boots... is not.  

I found him in the pasture when I went to close up about twenty minutes ago.  I won't show you the picture, though I took one.  I must have not seen the circling raptor this afternoon, and it got another bird. 
It did not get to eat much of him... it must have been interrupted by something.  He's down in the bottom of the pasture tonight, for a coyote or another predator to take away.  Poor, beautiful little Bootsy, with the most raucous crow ever, that hurt your ears... but a beautiful color (though too much white for a Millie)... that shone like gold in the sun.  Nugget the cochin was his special little girl amongst the hens... and she is gone too.... slowly, the old henhouse is emptying out. 


  1. Mary Ann,

    Concerts without all the lights and sequins are more enjoyable. I prefer a smaller venue
    than these large stadiums with very little space to sit. As for watching and enjoying a concert in a stadium
    it's very hard. I'll take this type of concert in an auditorium with 840 sets any day.

  2. I knew you would have a good time!!!
    Oh look at those chickys!

  3. The concert sounds so fun and laid back. :-) I'm so sorry you're losing so many of your chickens. That is gutting! XO Boots was such a pretty bird.

  4. What a mixture of happy and sad for you. Hope your Monday is off to a great start.

  5. glad you had fun at the concert! so sad about your chicken though.

  6. I'm glad you and Keith enjoyed the concert. That band sounds like a great bunch of guys.

    Sorry about the birds.

  7. The same thing is happening here with Marcy's chickens.

    That would be my kind of show.


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