Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday's Helpers

I had bought feed on Friday, and since Keith's shoulder has been very bad lately, I decided to leave it in the car over the busy weekend, and not have him try to move it and strain the bad shoulder even more. 

So, after having breakfast (for three hours) with my cousin Fuh Fuh, I decided to move it. 
I should tell you, it's 60 degrees outside and GORGEOUS. 

I was in jeans, and a t shirt.  

There were some dead plants in the back of the Duck Pond Express, but even worse, a thin layer of the henhouse cleanings from two weeks ago.

Let me tell you... it REEKED.  I mean REEKED.  So, I dealt with that first.

I wanted to show you all what is "growing" in our compost heap.  This is the result of letting henhouse cleanings from the spring compost over the summer.  Can you believe that good dirt?  We'll be putting that into the vegetable beds in the spring.

I'm bad, I don't turn the bins.  You see they have nice hardware cloth sides, so they let a lot of air through.  I pile them up, and then start diving into the bottoms.

As you see, Kelly has just about pruned that sapling out of existence.  The plastic bin is full, but just sitting there,  It's not really cooking.

I started pulling out zinnias, but kept finding so many buds, I didn't have the heart.  They have surrounded a hydrangea though, so I won't plant them so near next year, so the hydrangea can breathe.  It is turning the most beautiful deep red right now.

Then I loaded the feed into the back of the now clean Express, and drove over to the big henhouse to start unloading first.

I found Butch hunkered down in the one patch of sunlight coming through the side window.  You can see his blind side here.

I've closed off all the openings from the coop side to the feed room side (where Butch lives) to keep him from being beaten up by the younger roosters.  Yes, he leads a lonely life, but at least an unmolested one.

Yes, my helpers were helping, as usual.  They were VERY interested in the chopped corn I was moving.

We have some very steadfast girls trying to go broody.  This one will bite your hand!

(I took the corn over to the henspa)

I wandered over to see what was in the garden... I left one tomato plant, and it is still blooming (the sunlight doesn't show the blooms).

An experiment.

I also checked our lone green pepper plant.... and picked FIVE peppers off it.
I know what we are having for dinner tomorrow night.  Stuffed.

But this last picture will show you what I'm happiest about this evening:


(Happy face here). 

I'm going to have at least ONE homegrown pumpkin for Halloween! 



  1. Woo Hoo for you for the pumpkin!

  2. Those two little goats peeking into the bucket are beyond adorable!!

  3. ohhh,, i bet your footies got dirty today after all that hard work! We would love to come help you,,, its so beautiful there.

  4. I have area's needing cleaning out too for the compost......would you like to help :-)

    Talk about a nice pumpkin!!!

  5. Those two little goats are just so cute and I love that mille fleur hen

  6. i got one pumpkin off of my plant this year too. i picked it when it was still green and now it is bright orange!

  7. Another very busy day for you there. Nice it was at least cooler there for you. I find myself a little more energetic on the cooler days. It's nice you still have some treats from the garden. Stuffed peppers are good. Glad you will have a pumpkin. One is better than non for sure.

  8. We had to take a nap after reading about all the WORk that YOU did but wasn't it a beautiful day to be outside!!! Today mom says it is a little chilly out! Mom wants to know if you will save her some red zinna seeds?
    stella rose

  9. Hoping Keith mends up quickly. I know how hard a nagging injury can be.

    We don't compost. Really should, but we end up spreading the manure pile in the pasture to fill in the low spots.

    I bet Butch would rather be lonely than having to defend himself all the time.

  10. Love your helpers. Glad to hear I am not the only one who doesn't turn the compost. By next spring it will be ready and that is all the faster I need it to happen. Loved spending the day with you : )

  11. I love that black gold compost!

  12. yay!! orange! a good sign :) great helpers and the pruner is working overtime there!


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