Friday, October 4, 2013

A Cloudy Friday Morning

A quick post before any weather starts. 

The goats were waiting patiently for their feed snack this morning, and finally, Kelly perched his chin on the gate support and watched me coming. 

"Hurry up, Maaaaa" 

A few chickens came out when I opened the popholes. 

Most stayed in and some stayed in the rafters.  

Don't look at the baby trees in the middle of this bed, just focus on the fact that the older bed mums are starting their bloom.  There are some lovely purple ones a little farther down the row. 

The Old Gentleman has been keeping me company this morning. 
I'm going to go outside for a while and cut some grass before it's too wet to do any more. 

I hope everyone has a great start to their weekends! 


  1. I really love seeing all the pictures you post, Mary Ann. Kelly is so cute. Did the little girls check out ok at the vet the other day? You might have said and I missed it. Please be careful this afternoon and evening. It looks like there is a bulls eye right over you up over us for severe weather later. We have already had some thunder and lightning and just a few showers up here in northwest Missouri this morning. It is already in the 70s so the warmer it gets, the better chance of storms in my opinion. It is also really humid here. Just another weather extreme for this weird year. LOL

  2. It's cloud here too. I am determined to get some things done inside today as rain is coming. I do have lots to do. How nice you have some more blooms coming on to spice up your garden. I love it when things bloom at different times of the year. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  3. Ranger is a sweet ol feller.

    Those goats are

  4. those mums are going to really put on a show! kelly is so cute!

  5. Kelly is so cute. The Old Gentleman is keeping you company...while type of company keeping.

  6. The rains are a coming... I think everyone has the right idea by getting stuff done early and then retiring inside to relax :)

  7. Mary Ann,

    I hear you on the grass cutting. I finished that up two days ago because were expecting storms this even with the
    potential of tornadoes.............tornadoes in fall??

    Be safe, I hear the bad weather is also coming up your way.

  8. i see happy chickys, happy goats, happy furrys---- i want to come visit.

  9. Happy weekend. Hope it doesn't get to wet for you guys
    Benny & Lily

  10. We're to have storms tomorrow but need the rain and hope it will bring cooler weather.

    The Old Gentleman is absolutely precious. And I hope Abby doesn't continue to have accidents inside. We're facing the time now as our cat and Jack Russell grow older that they have to make bathroom trips outside in middle of the night. And we had to start having a litter box inside for our cat, which I hate but she was instead going in Katie Belle's floor nest so we had no choice. And now Katie Belle has no nests!

  11. Beautiful mums... so Fall-ish.

    Enjoy your weekend :)



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