Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Shots

Resting (rare) 

Snorkeling in Swamplandia. 

"I swear it looked deeper than this!"

Busted!  (She was paddling in the water for fun, and had just stopped) 

It's fall for sure... coats and jackets ready at the door!


  1. it is raining today and the fall weather arrives! the goats look so cute resting!

  2. It is really chilly outside!!!!! Love ab's
    stella rose

  3. Fall is here for sure too. Our summer like days are gone. Jackets and sweaters are being worn. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. The hooks in our "out kitchen" are full! We still have our summer things out there, plus we've now needed to add the fall clothes too, and it looks like a messy Goodwill store! :)

  5. Great photos. My coats never came down from last year. Now I am finding broken zippers.

  6. Mary Ann,

    The goats look like they all need a siesta!!!! After all, they've been busy cutting the grass :-)

    Abby looks like she's enjoying herself.

    We have pulled our jackets out of the hall closet, and have been wearing them in the late evening and early morning when temperatures hit in the 40"s. This afternoon we will be peaking at 67 degrees.

  7. We love your photos so much- and all the happy animals. I pray for all the animals every nite- that they be safe from bad

  8. That duck in the fortex cracked me up:)

  9. Great farm pix.

    Love the coats and jackets, ready at the door.
    It really is Fall time.

    Enjoy this day.


  10. That first picture is ADORABLE!! Enjoyed all these pictures :)


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