Friday, November 1, 2013

Back To Normal

Back to normal this morning, and the downhill run into the holidays. 

I love them, I admit it. 

I'm about to commence my holiday shopping, and hope to have it over with quickly. 
Then, I'll proceed to just enjoy the next six weeks. 

I love Thanksgiving, the Forgotten Holiday, though it was aggravating for many years as we could not eat until General Hospital was over on tv, my mother's favorite soap.  The entire meal hinged around GH! 

Then the tv would go off, and we would pray around the groaning table. 

This morning in the pasture: 

A glorious start to November!

Happy Birthday, son Jeff!  43 years old today, and owning his own home for the first time! 

So proud of you, Jeffrey Matthew! 

The Ducky Girls are getting the idea... I found these two eggs in Fort Apache this morning.  I hope they continue to take advantage of the windbreak that the straw bales are causing.  

I still have a few flowers blooming in the gardens.  I am especially fond of these white mums, the last of everything to bloom.  They have such a beautiful shape, the "daisy" mums.  I would like to have more of them. 

And JAZ, from October Farm, if you are reading this... how right you were about the pumpkins, they are almost all turning orange!  

We estimate we had at least 3 inches of rain over the last 3 days.  We are supposed to have 3 days of sun, and then approximately four more days of rain next week. 
We are rapidly catching up with where we need to be for the year. 

You honestly didn't think I was going to let you get away without Halloween pictures, did you? 

Here's little Brynn, an owl for her first Halloween.  Her mother made the most wonderful shirt with "feathers" on it... and she had a little tutu with an owl belt, and leggings.  Wings completed the original costume.  Jace, her cousin, was a hobo... and I have to say that the original costumes were really something.  These are Keith's first two little grandchildren, but he has one more on the way for our Christmas present this year! 

We were so blessed to have good weather for Halloween... it cleared up around 3 PM, and the kids had a great night for trick or treating. 

Welcome, November!!!


  1. Brynn is a darling little owl! What an amazing costume! And Happy Birthday to Jeff!

    It was exciting turning the calendar page to November today, even as much as I dearly love October. Blessings in every month! Onward!

  2. so glad your pumpkins are changing! i picked mine green and they were orange in no time. we had tons of rain last night and now it is sunny but very very windy! happy november 1st. that is funny about GH.

  3. Oh gosh you made me laugh about your Mom watching General Hospital. That is a cute story.
    The little trick or treaters are adorable. Your place looks so pretty and fallish. You are so organized to even be thinking of the holidays. I need to get off of my duff and get busy.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I laughed about the General Hospital comment also, and the groaning table.llol..we are still trying to figure out who is going where for thanksgiving....your pictures were grand as usual...loved that baby owl and her big brother!!! bet they loved the cookies and candy you took them.
    stella rose

  5. What a beautiful welcome to November there at your house. This little ones make it extra special too. How adorable they are.

  6. Cute picture of the kids!

    My mom wasn't a good cook, but we didn't know the difference cause her cooking was all we had. Now, we know that she did not season food and only knew very few ways and things to cook.

  7. Will work for candy! Thats adorable :) Beautiful tree! I agree even though we have quiet holidays, I always look forward to it :)


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