Saturday, October 12, 2013



Today is my 45th high school reunion.  I can't believe the time has flown so. 

I was telling Keith this morning that I drove my mother to her 50th reunion, and she was nervous, had her hair done, was all "dolled up" in a lovely dress for the afternoon party.  Notice I said "Afternoon", for they met at a golf club for luncheon, no late night. 

I have come almost full circle, though our class (or part of it) is meeting at a golf club for dinner this evening. 
They had a meet and greet in a bar last night, but I was too pooped to pop. 

I'm looking forward in a way, but also dreading it in a way... those of you "of an age" will know that. 

I'll report on it sometime tomorrow, as Sunday is our church bazaar, and I will be helping in the kitchen from 1 - 3:30, and may not get to post until afterwards. 

Now... to the ducks. 

Donald, as you know, suffered an injury to his foot two weeks ago. 

He spent four days limping badly. 
I should tell you that at least once a day, black-headed buzzards have been dive-bombing our birds... so the ducks have to run as fast as their tiny little legs will take them, and in proportion to their bodies, those legs are small.  We suspect now that Donald sprained a leg while running, because I never saw a wound of any kind. 

He is fine now. 
He does have a small case of angel wing, caused by too much protein. 

But, while at the feed store yesterday, I checked the gamebird ration and it is higher in protein than the chicken pellets I feed.  The ducks also eat maybe 1/3 of their food ration in the pasture daily, much more so than the chickens.  I'm relaxing about the angel wing. 

It is also not as pronounced as it appears in the picture above.  Donald and Aflac had just been dabbling away behind Swamplandia. 

There is a bit of a Swamplandia in the pasture, too, but I don't mind. 

In the winter, the swimming pool will be put up, and the large fortex that is in the pasture will be put in the pen, the ducks like it just as much. 

In two weeks, I'll get six bales of straw, and we will build a fortress (Fort Apache) underneath the little henhouse, for the ducks to shelter in in the bad weather.  I'll also fill the huge dog house (the "duck house") in the henyard with straw. 

What's missing in this picture????


Ducks normally mate in water.  

This is not the only picture I had, but I could not find the other despite sitting here for the last 30 minutes and looking. 

I have a picture of one of the females breeding another one of the females! 

Strange, but true! 

Fawni does not look very happy, does she? 

Donald is obviously back full strength! 

(I use too many exclamation points... I think that's how I talk in real life) 

Sorry for the graphic pose. 

I'm off now to get my hair combed out for the reunion.  My caveat to the hairdresser was
"I don't want to look like Betty Crocker at my reunion". 

I'll have Keith take a picture! 

(another exclamation point, see what I mean???)

Pictures will be taken. 


  1. Have fun tonight. I went to a Homecoming game last night at my old high school, my niece was on the Homecoming Court, and ran into a few old friends. I had missed my last reunion. Too much drama for my taste.

  2. have a fun reunion! duck porn...hahaha!

  3. That is going to be a blast
    Benny & Lily

  4. I hope you have a good time tonight! I'm sure you did not look like Betty Crocker! It's always fun to see what everyone is doing now and sadness at those who are no longer here.

  5. Hi Donald- I am glad you feel better......
    are you making baby duckies?

  6. Looks like Donald's leg is fine.

    Enjoy you reunion.

  7. I do hope you enjoy your reunion. The last one I attended was my 20th, years and years ago. I never see anyone from school these days so I don't go anymore . Glad the duck is doing fine now. Yes, it'll soon be time to batten down the hatches for winter time. I was able to get loads of tulips and daffodils planted here so have something to look forward to when spring comes.

  8. Enjoy your reunion! Can't wait to see pics of you all dressed up for the event.

  9. I use a lot of exclamation points too!

    Yep, Donald is just fine.


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