Friday, October 11, 2013

The Entourage

Well, we will see if Hughesnet will let us post today! 

Thank you for your encouraging words last night... and whew... we were 
considering Dish, our tv satellite provider, but I'm a little leary of them, too, for computer. 

No, we have NOT had an appreciable raise in our bandwith usage, so it's all a mystery. 

Chris, my oldest grand, was here helping me the last day.  He is now home in Garnett, and I'm pooped form the 170 mile round trip, and about to go out and do chores.  I thought I would do the post before everything quit working. 

Where ever Chris goes here, he has an entourage. 

This gate is now swinging FREELY for the first time in a long time.  

Back to the house for more trashbags... the goats followed him. 

Oh boy, DID they follow him.  You can see from this picture that we had let the building get into terrible state. 

A half-way finished shot.  We can walk in there now.  We did get the mound on the left sorted out, but now, in November, Chris will be here again, and he and I are going to get everything down from the two lofts... look in the bins, mark them, and then make a "donate" and "keep" pile.  I am ashamed to tell you that I had Christmas stuff that hasn't been unpacked now in five years.  I am donating tons of it. 

The greenhouse components I bought in the spring are going to be sold (part of those boxes on the right).  Keith will not be able to build it, and we want to recover a little money, if we can, from the big expenditure. 

Chris and I made sure they were neatly stacked on the right.  
There is enough room in the middle to put a ladder now, so we can get the bins down safely to check them. 

Even when Chris was loading the car this morning, he was followed.  The dogs adore him, from Abby to Ranger. 

As you see, I have lots to go through.  (bins). 

We did drop off a donation this morning on our way out of town. 

Loved this big display in a yard just outside Garnett. 

So "fallish:"! 

Instead of taking the highway, I came up through Ottawa... where Keith and I are attending a concert with The Little River Band next weekend... I wanted to scope out the auditorium.  It was just around the corner from one of my favorite stores, Primitive Treasures.  Of course, I had to stop for a minute. 

I just made a huge sigh of happiness to go in there, it smells so good and it makes me feel so cozy. 

 I should not have, but bought a little something to bring home to add to our fall display. 

Now, Hughesnet has cooperated, so I am going to close this post and go out and do chores. 

Everyone have a safe Friday evening! 


  1. I really liked that store you went into, i could have found a treasure or two in there also! Isn't great when your grandkids come to help you, ours are starting to get big enuf that when they visit they help us with things that sometimes can be a challenge for me, like the stairs etc.
    Now, have a great weekend!!!!
    Stella rose's momma

  2. Looks as if you got a lot accomplished with the help of Chris. And that shop does look like fun!

  3. Internet provider is driving me nuts just reading about it! Ours does the same, and we have zero options but then (so far) out here in the bush. That little shop looks so great, I could go crazy in there easily too! :) So glad Chris helped so much!!

  4. So glad that you are able to get your internet to work right now. Great post!
    So nice that you had such a great helper too! Oh, to have the energy of the young :)

    Love that antique shop!! SO, cute!!

    Happy weekend.

  5. You are blessed to have such a great helper there. That is a long trip to make though. I can't do that kind of driving anymore. Your little antique store is just the kind I like to browse in too. Hope you have a great weekend.

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    keep up the good work meh and also, please visit my blog and drop a comment even if it's a simple "nice post" reply.


  7. Sounds like you are making progress.
    Aren"t computers fun? Not!!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    M :)

  8. You are so blest in having Chris. We wish we had someone like him to help us sometimes... He is a real treasure, and we know you feel that way too

  9. Don't feel bad. We are in the process of cleaning our back shed out....

    what a mess. I should beat the Redneck for letting him cram it full.

    Chris is a great kid!


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