Monday, October 14, 2013

Black Headed Vultures 1, Chickens 0

I just want to know why it's always a laying hen, and not a rooster. 

Not that I want to lose ANY birds to the vultures, but why not one of the fourteen roosters? 

Yesterday, it was Teeny Two, on the right,  a tiny little two year old hen who gave me a beautiful white egg every other day. 

She liked to lay late in the afternoon, but one of the elderly Japanese roosters usually accompanied her to the goat yard, where she layed in the feeder. 

Yesterday, she must have been coming back at just the wrong time. 

I found two piles of feathers, so it didn't have an easy time. 
I'm glad it had to fight. 
Poor little Teeny. 
There are sixteen birds now in a henhouse that used to house 50. 

Look what is hiding behind the zinnias.  I totally forgot I planted some Wal Mart mums back there last year, and I was hankering for orange mums, since I have so many reds and lavenders. These are a beautiful color.  I was getting ready to start pulling the zinnias out today, but it rained. 
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 

Milkweed, minus the milkweed bugs.  I still think it's the coolest plant. 

Goats do not like rain.  They had emptied their hanging feeder by the time I got out there with the fresh water. 
I restocked them for tonight and tomorrow morning, just in case.  
It's just dark while I'm writing this, and everyone is tucked in for the night. 

I took this at dusk too, as I was finishing chores.  Just as I snapped it, Lilly lifted her head... we both heard coyotes in the corner where Spehars, Troy's and our properties meet.  
I called her up out of the pasture... one, she could take on... multiple... well... I would not want to try it. 

If you have a chance today,  please read the wonderful blogpost at The Three Muleteers .
It is on our sidebar, or the link is above, at the blog name. 
FH has written a great post about treating animals with love and empathy for training, instead of tricks and sharp discipline.  Well written, and applies to humans, too, I think.  

Your blogger is pooped out tonight and is going to get her nighties on and watch 
Dancing with the Stars and read a while before going to bed. 
I fixed our first pot of chili of the season today, too! 
Many more to come. 


  1. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures on todays posts. I'm so sorry to hear about Teany Two!

    Get some rest, have a great evening.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.
    I'm sure it is frustrating!

    Our weathet this week will warrant
    soups and chili.

    M : )

  3. Sorry to hear bout tiny one...sounds like need somebody to hunt the offender or offenders. Nighty nite

  4. Chili sounds very good to me!
    We are sorry about the chicky-- so very sad!

  5. I can't believe the trouble you have with those hawks. They never bother us. Cute photo of the goats. It was a wet day here.

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  7. Poor baby. Hopefully those nasty vultures will take a hike
    Benny & Lily

  8. I'm so sorry about the loss of your chicken. I lost one last week too, and a little gosling. :-( It's always so sad to lose animals, isn't it? I love your cute little white goats. :-)

  9. so sorry to hear about your chicken.. those nasty vultures! the goats are too cute!

  10. Sounds like everyone better run for cover there. That hawk thinks he's found a new dining room. I've yet to fix any chili here this year. It does sound good! Always one of my favorite fall meals.

  11. When the hubby 1st moved down he brought 2 blue heelers. They decided they didn't like Country and would tag team her. She could take on one, but not both. So I told him they had to go. They attacked her every time they got a chance.

    And being that she was on the property 1st, well....they got rehomed. He got to keep the German Shepherd who lived out her life with us. Dollar was a good girl after she decided she wasn't going to eat me.

  12. p.s.: sorry about the hen. I really didn't know that vultures would kill chickens. The ones around us seem to only be on the road after dead animals.

  13. Sorry to hear about Teeny. Those mums are beautiful. For some reason I thought they were annuals. I'm going to but some for our front porch & then put them in the ground!

  14. Mary Ann, I'm so sorry about your little hen. I love the picture of the little goats looking out the door. If I had Zinnias still blooming, I wouldn't pull them up, so I don't think you need an excuse for not pulling them yet. Your mums are such a pretty color. laurie

  15. I wish we could thin those birds!!!! Game and Fish told me to file a nuisance report and I could shoot them. Neighbors have had cattle mutilated. I never thought of chickens being caught!

  16. Sorry about your hen, always sad. You are so right, goats do not like rain, or snow.. anything that might cause them to melt. :) Your flowers are just gorgeous.

  17. Thank you so much for your link to the blog Mary! Sorry for the delayed response, I have been without internet access which has been hard for a blogger!


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