Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Shots

On Monday afternoon, I went out to do water for the ducks. 

Look who was going through the pasture at the same time? 

I don't know if you can see them, but I counted 20.   They went down to the southeast corner, and flew over onto Troy's side.  I texted Troy at work to see if Kathy was there... and he said "Were there 21?"  I said yes, about that... and he said they were the mamas and babies he and Kathy had been watching. 


The Manderscheid's metal sculptures, which I have shown you before, are now all dressed for fall! 

It's coming. 

This all has to be cut and processed before the above pictures, though... thank heavens.  We still have a little time. 

And there goes Our Girl Lil in the morning sun today... another glorious October day! 

I wonder if anyone is having trouble with Blogger?  I am seeing "Aw Snap" every few minutes, and it seems to only be happening with Blogger.  I did not put the labels on yesterday's post, and can't get it to come up to do it, so I am going to leave well enough alone for a few days. 

I received in the mail yesterday a publisher's copy of 
Raising Goats Naturally
by Deborah Niemann.  

Ms. Niemann, if you remember, was the author of the book which I gave away in September, 
Homegrown and Handmade, and has also written Eco-Thrifty. 

This book looks fascinating, and I did start it last night. 

I'll give you my review shortly, as soon as I've had time to study it all. 
It may also be coming to one of you readers! 


  1. lol...not me. Goats are something I don't intend to raise!

    Great pictures Mary Ann. I wish I had the camera the day the whole flock of turkeys crossed the road in front of me. Must have been 50 or 60.

  2. Blogger is like Facebook; it almost never works like it should!

  3. Wonderful photos, Mary Ann. laurie

  4. we have wild turkeys everywhere and i live right in the city!

  5. What beautiful pictures especially your girl Lil with the sun coming up. We've been having some really nice October days here yesterday and today and I did manage to work outside for a good part of the day. Still more to do though. I haven't had anything like that happen on blogger yet anyway. Hope it clears up for you and hope it doesn't come my way.

  6. I just found your blog today and love the photo of your dog in the October sunlight. :-) Absolutely beautiful. :-)

  7. Fall decorations are the best. I dislike retailers rushing seasons

  8. I had a flock like that in my pasture, the donkeys herded them out:)

  9. MaryAnn,

    Is that a flock of turkey's?

    I love all of your pictures, especially the Pugapillar :-)

    It's hard to believe Christmas is just about here all the tree's are out and we haven't even had Halloween yet.

  10. Gosh- do you all have to cut those fields of stuff growing ? Thats a lot of work. Your farm is a lot of work.

  11. Great shot of the turkeys!
    Seeing those Christmas trees ,instills panic in me. I am NOT even close to being ready for Christmas!

    Haven't had blogger problems... yet.
    Hope you find the solution.


  12. Glad to see you are still getting plenty of nice fall weather to enjoy. Nice of the turkeys to stop by. I have only seen a couple around here lately.

  13. Agreed, blogger always has some glitch or crazy thing or another. What a great sighting you had! your Pugapillar is very cute. And I know it... it's going to be Christmas by next week. ;)


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