Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Saturday Post

32 degrees out this morning! 
32 degrees, on October 19! 

The sideboard has become a little more crowded since I last showed you.  

It rained almost all day on Friday.  In fact, fifteen miles west of us, snow was reported. 

Too soon! 

I baked. 

Dutch Apple Cake

I put a caramel glaze over the top, and some of it is going to Troy and Kathy this afternoon. 

Very moist and good, and not too sweet! 

I have NO idea what happened, but the girls had a stellar day yesterday, and this doesn't even reflect ALL the eggs.  
I took 8 1/2 dozen to the food pantry this morning, leaving a few at home for us. 

Someone at the pantry was kind enough to bring a HUGE plastic bag full of egg cartons with my name written on the bag... I was so grateful!  The only cartons I have to buy are for the duck eggs, because they require extra jumbo.  I spend about 28.00 every two months on these cartons. 

At least one of the five young pullets is coming on board, I have gotten several dark brown smallish eggs this week... they are pullet eggs, I'm sure.  Once all five begin to lay, look out! 

Anyone remember these???  My sister and I got them all the time when we were little. 

I picked these old copies up at the food pantry's thrift store this morning for a quarter each. 

I like to sit and look at the short poems and stories in them still. 

Don't you just love how I clean the table off before taking a picture?  We live here. 

I scored this lovely pumpkin at the thrift store this morning, too, for 1.50.  These are very expensive at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so I've been looking for them during the fall.  I was glad to find this one. 

And speaking of pumpkins... I'm watching this one carefully, because I may have to take a pair of nylons and sling it up.  It's growing on the vertical that we grow peas on. 

This one on the ground is getting very big, but we only have another 10 days to go... I just don't know if we're going to make it in time to carve jack o'lanterns this year! 

For those of you with goats, I reviewed
Raising Goats Naturally in the post just prior to this one, if you would like to read it. 

It's Date Night for Keith and me this evening, we are driving down to Ottawa, about 50 miles, to see the Little River Band in concert.  We are leaving early so we can eat at one of the restaurants on the main street of Ottawa, there are several.  I pass through here regularly going and coming from Garnett, where the two oldest grands live. 

I'll try to get some pictures on my cell phone while we're rocking out! 


  1. Baking is a great way to spend a day indoor, especially when it's that cold out.

    Great job on getting the old magazines, and pumpkin.

    If your pumpkin isn't ready by Halloween, maybe it will be ready for Thanksgiving :)

    Happy weekend.


  2. Maybe that snake is too cold to eat more eggs.

    I can smell your baking. Mmmm.

    One year the gourds climbed a tree and I put them in slings. Just for fun I used Hubby's underwear for one sling. He wasn't laughing.

    I love thrift stores!

  3. have fun on your date! we are supposed to get snow on wednesday. i saw that kansas was getting snow. i guess it just missed you! if i lived buy you i would buy lots of your eggs. i love fresh eggs!

  4. Mary Ann,

    Enjoy your date night!!! The concert sounds like a lot of fun. Be careful driving with all this strange weather.

    Your cake sounds delicious, the idea of using caramel glaze sounds so much better than icing loaded with sugar.

    Great find on your thrift store pumpkin, you're right.......Michael's and Hobby Lobby would have charged you an arm and leg for their pumpkin.

  5. I have some of those old Ideals magazines and love looking through them. I have them for most any of the holidays. I never tire of looking through and reading them. The pictures are spectacular. You are going to need some sunshine to ripen those pumpkins up. Maybe they will make it in time for Thanksgiving not Halloween. Enjoy your date night!

  6. I think Jack Frost had a good time at your house last night,
    That cake looks sooo good,.

  7. Hope you two rockers had a great time!
    I hope the concert was good.

    M : )

  8. That cake looks delicious! Hope it was enjoyed by all :-)

  9. you notice how I really don't show the inside of our house!

    Great looking cake.

    Way to go girls, lay them eggs.


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