Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Last Sunny Morning?

We are supposed to have rain from tonight through Thursday morning this week, with possibly 3 inches.  Our ground can use it. 

I'm going to do some things in the yard today, and be ready to just do chores over the next few days.  I know the goats won't like it, as they do not like to get wet. 

Here are four of the new birds up on the roost this morning.  I'm not sure where the New Hampshire was, but the bantie was down below, on a lower roost. 

These are NOT Welsummer hens, as I thought... I need to look them up, they have that bright white earlobe. According to Nancy Thellman, they are all laying, which will be a bonus to our food pantry patrons!  Thanks, girls! 

The Olde English gamebird hen was on the lower roost... and one of the Mille Fleurs was pecking away at her.  I'm sure it will take a few days for the pecking order to adjust. 

She is the bird on the left of the "middle" perch. 

Notice how everyone scatters when Abby walks in??? 

Last night, I built "Fort Apache" at the little henhouse, the one we have closed up and are no longer using.  Because it's going to rain all week, and because it is getting cold, I wanted to make a space where the ducks can get out of the elements.  This afternoon, I am breaking another bale of straw and making a deep bed within these bales (there is also one on the far side) and they will have a warm place to get out of the elements.  We have done this in the past for the ducks and geese that we've had.  That's six bales used here, and I'll put that straw on the gardens in the spring. 

Here's your blogger this morning, Nancy was nice enough to take my picture when I dropped her cages off.  I asked her to, because I wanted you all to see the wonderful early Christmas gift I got from Keith on Saturday... my very first official Carhartt jacket!  It was so nice to put it on yesterday morning when it was 27 degrees out, and be snuggly in it.  It fits over a sweatshirt, and is very comfortable. 

Thank you so much, Honey! 

(I got to drive the pick'em up truck yesterday and today). 

And I was gifted with two beautiful bales of brome hay for the goats. 

Here's Delilah on the deck, trying to get her bearings.  She was raised her whole life from a little doeling on Juniper Hill, so I know it will take her a few days to get adjusted to her new surroundings and friends.  Believe me, she knows how to use her horns, and the dogs have already learned that.  She is very friendly to Keith and me, and that's a sign of the gentleness she received from her first family, I'm sure.  
I think she's going to work out fine. 

And yes, more goat berries to sweep! 

Now, out to spread the straw and put things away before the rain comes in. 

P.S.  I want to explain to anyone newly reading the blog... there is a "Search" window half way down the right hand side.  It looks like a tiny window, but you can type anything in it and hit "Search" and it will bring up stories on the blog that refer to that subject... such as "Goats" will bring up posts about goats. 


  1. Oh we love your new coat...we didn't even know that Carheart made pink look lovely in it!!!
    stella rose

  2. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful Christmas present from Keith. It really looks nice on you too :-)

    It's already cold with a drizzle going on here. Tomorrow it is suppose to be extreme weather, potential tornadoes.

  3. Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks so much for your recent visit and now I'm here visiting with you. Isn't retirement wonderful? Now we can do all the things that we've always wanted to do. Love your new pink Carhartt and I didn't realize that they made pink ones, either. You know, we still have to feel girly! It's too bad about your pumpkins but at least the goats should enjoy them!

  4. You look nice in that pink Carhartt.

    The new ones will adjust very soon.

    I hope the rain holds off from us for a few days. We have hay on the ground.

  5. Abby you better supervise those birdies

  6. Maybe since you now have an official Carhartt jacket, hubby thought you ought to be able to drive the trucknow. Love that shade of pink.
    Mom Kim

  7. I love my Carhartt jacket -- wouldn't get any other kind for working around the ranch. Mine isn't pink though -- I love the color of yours.

  8. Love your coat. Carhartts are great!

  9. i love carhartt anything, especially their socks! we have rain on the way for wednesday, thursday and friday. i am sure it will interfere with the trick or treaters.

  10. PINK Carhartt's? MY, the world has changed! :-)

  11. I have never seen a pink Carhartt either. Pretty!
    Have a feeling it is going to feel like a cold rain. We need the moisture though.

  12. Hi my friends,, your going to be getting lots of rain! I hope all the rain goes where it should!
    We are going to have a cold nite here.
    That straw would make some nice comfy beds to everyone! I know all the animals were happy!
    Your jacket is pretty,,, mommy has carhart vests and loves them.
    You sure do have a pretty smile pretty lady!!
    Thank you for sharing with us,

  13. Congrats on the new addition - the goat and the jacket:). You know, since I started following your blog, I have noticed that whatever you say the weather is at your place, we get a few days or a week later. You have become my most reliable weather report! I am. to happy to hear about the three inches of rain though.

  14. We got a bucketload of rain today too and our goats didn't like it one bit. :-) The ducks, however, LOVED it! :-)

  15. I love your new coat! You'll be working in style now!

  16. Thanks for stopping by our bloggy! So you have a farm in Kansas, how wonderful. Abby must like talking with the chickens. I'm afraid I would chase them cuz I like to chase ducks. Me and Stanley met some goats once and we both got butted! Have a happy day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. Lovely jacket! And a great colour on you - enjoy in the cold weather :-)

  18. I was eying that coat at TSC just yesterday :-D.

  19. LOVE your pic jacket, looks great on you! I have a purple on and the pink pants from TSC. My favorites. Gotta be colorful and fashionable AND warm while doing our chores. Pink is your color!


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