Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In Which I Confess to You

This folks, is what our raised bed vegetable garden looks like today.

Sad,  isn't it?  The fact is, I foresook it for the perennial beds, choosing to put all my effort into them this summer.  We are going to do some cleanup this long weekend, and plant a few things for fall, but frankly, that's what's great about gardening... there's always next year! 
You can see how I had high hopes for it this year here
In the hoop house is one tomato that is suddenly blooming and setting out new growth again... and my pineapple sage and cilantro are both sending up new plants from seed.  Strawberries are still alive, too.  Planting the herbs in bins was an experiment that worked so well that next year (Oh, Keithhhhhh) we are going to need to put a bench on the deck... made with a board and some cement blocks... so I can grow the herbs right outside the kitchen door!   We are going to try to put up a real, small greenhouse, because we liked the hoop house so much.
I'm still doing lots of this, too....
We got about a half inch of rain last weekend, but it was 95 today, and they are predicting 98 tomorrow, and then a drop in temps.  We are getting 60's at night, now.
I watered the pear trees yesterday, and the apple trees (and weeping cherry) this morning.  I also have been watering the perennial beds, too.
These two don't care, as long as they can nap where it's cool.
Neither does this guy, who is getting to be an everynight visitor to the pasture!  Lucky I lock everyone up!



  1. Foxes here get shot, they are a real pest! On one night alone, when we had hens, we lost 34 hens to one fox!! They were locked up, but the wee beastie dug into the pen.

  2. Oh my friend..
    we have so much in common~~~LOL!
    My garden boxes look about the same.
    We need to do something about ours this weekend also.

    Do you have any pressurized irrigation?
    We have that here, but are restricted to about 50 minutes a day, per share.

    Praying for rain :)


  3. My garden is a hot mess right now too :)

  4. I hope you get some of this rain from Isaac. I'd gladly let you have some of ours.

    We have no power and no water as of this AM

  5. I think your garden boxes are resting.
    Next year- they will be happier.


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