Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Two-Poster Day

Was not able to post last night, but thought I would share with you some pictures of the brief storm we had.  It's been so long since we saw one, I took lots of pictures!

Here it is, boiling over the house.  We had great hopes at this point.

This is to the east... I texted my son to see if he had rain, and it was pouring there, east of us 14 miles

Here is the deck after about a ten minute rain, which is about all we got.  We did get 60 mile an hour winds, though, for about ten minutes.

And here was our reward... it's a double rainbow! 
Today it clouded up again, but now the sun is peeking through, so we don't think we are getting any more rain.

More later today as I am going to the fair finally with my friend Valerie.  We'll be sure to take pictures.

Tomorrow Keith and I will drive to Des Moines to the Iowa State Fair to meet his parents and spend the night at their home.  We'll be back Saturday evening, full of good pictures!


  1. Lovely but scary pics... Glad all is well and the rainbow is gorgeous...

  2. Hi....I just found your blog, Mary Ann, and feel like each entry is a visit home for me! I grew up in Paola (and we used to play Tonganoxie in sports back in the '60's) but I haven't lived in Kansas since 1975 so I was thrilled to learn you live in KS. My sister still lives in Lawrence (retired as the Director of the Lawrence Arts Center and my cousin, Sandy, is the Commissioner of Insurance. Our family had a furniture store on the square in Paola for many years. We didn't live on a farm but lots of my friends did. Thank you for sharing your life and wonderful photos!


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