Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Bird with a Broken Wing

To wit:

The discoloration on the wing is from Iodine, I sprayed her just in case, but I can't find the wound.  I'm going to look again tomorrow, turning her over.  There is no obvious suppuration, she is eating, drinking, and walking around, and I just went out and checked, and she managed to get onto the lowest roost.   The wing is so low tonight as to be almost dragging. A mystery.
The owl?   More likely a ROOSTER!
I have literally not seen Bitty outside in almost two months.  She has been steadfastly setting in the nest box inside the little henhouse.  She has been in the dark box (and pecking me daily) for so long, I forgot she had a little comb on her face.
They're digging to China for their dust baths now.  It got back up to 103 here today. 
Just so you know... I did NOT fight this guy for the egg! 
The red marks are posthole markers. If you squint you can see that there is an overlap on the ground of about six inches of poultry wire, which will be affixed down.
The postholes are for positioning a framework that will hold up the shadecloth that will shelter this henyard... I am for once going to have a henyard that starlings cannot invade (OR owls!)
It will, indeed, be the Henspa!
Here is an ad running on Kansas City Craigslist tonight.  It is indicative of what we are seeing more day by day:
I have 4 donkeys that are in need of good homes or home!!!!! I have 2 jennys that are bred and should have babies with-in the next
month or so. I have a 12 month old jack and a 14 month old jenny (possibly bred)... I will give them away free to a good home. They
have really nice personalities. They are used to beieng around my 4 yr old grandaughter and they do like there apple treats. If you
think you could take care of one or more please call me. 913 xxx-xxxx Thank You!!!!!!!
This breaks my heart.   Two days ago it was a horse, and the owner was not only begging someone to take her, but even offered to deliver the horse to them.   I would give anything to be able to take these donkeys for the lady, but have no guarantee that I can get hay, either.   I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that we are going to see more and more of this in the coming months.
There are ads on Craiglist this week for hay for sale in Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee.


  1. I am seeing ads like that around here as well and we had a better hay crop then you folks out west. It is going to be a terrible year for horses and donkeys.

    I hope your hen gets better.

  2. I hope your hen can recover. That snake is just freaky! Wow! It really is horrible how hard it is going to be to get hay. I am so lucky. Between what I got from my hay fields and having an in with lots of farmers, I know I'll have plenty, but I feel for those that aren't so lucky.

  3. There is so much hay here in the NW. I wish you could have some of it.

  4. Freaky is right...I should expect by now to see that snake regularly on your posts, but it still gets me every time! :)
    I feel so bad for the folks who don't have hay for their animals...we are so very, very fortunate here. When we're in the midst of the craziness of baling hay, etc, we tend to forget.


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