Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Trip to the Real Country

Today, we made a trip down to Baldwin City to Heritage Tractor. 

That's the salesman on the seat.

And here's yours truly going for a practice spin.  Flattering photo, huh?  However, I can tell you this tractor ran like a .... dream!  We are thinking of getting it in the spring, along with a couple of implements, including the bucket on the front.  We need something a little bigger to cut the pasture, and something to till up a new garden area, you can't say we were discouraged by this summer's weather.

By the way, it dropped 20 degrees in the last hour, and we have had some sprinkles, other parts of the Kansas City area are actually seeing showers!

I love my husband.  He makes friends with all the animals everywhere we the feed store here.  He wasn't always like this... he has mellowed considerably in the last ten years, and I am so glad for it.... I definitely married a keeper!

Hope everyone around us gets some rain!


  1. I would love one of those for Christmas...not your husband, although he's nice, I meant the tractor.

  2. We finally sold our old piece of junk tractor and bought a used New Holland that I absolutely love! It actually starts on it's own and doesn't have to be jumped off! I hope you get yours.

  3. We are hoping to get a JD next year.

  4. Oh I am so glad it is cooler temperatures now! Yippy!
    The tractor look like lots of fun, and it will be a big help for sure.
    I can tell your hubby is an animal lover... and animals love him.

  5. My hubby sounds a little like yours. He really never liked cats until just the last few years. Now he worries about them when they are home alone as much as I do!
    Hope you get that JD, it looks like a nice tractor!

  6. Oooo...shiny tractor! *drool drool* I hear Heritage are some pretty good folks to deal with. If you end up buying it next Spring, I'd be interested in hearing what you think about them.

  7. He is a wonderful guy.

    My hubby wants one of those too. He'll have to wait a while longer.


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