Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Happy Birthday

Today after church, I drove down to Garnett to celebrate Nathan's birthday with him, his mom, and his cousins and Aunt.  We had a lunch of hot fried chicken and cold salads, and then commenced to blow out candles.

Just about to blow out the candles. 

Notice anything?  The new teenager is about 3 inches taller than his gran!  When did THAT happen?  And his voice is about four octaves LOWER!  How time marches on!

8th grade starts tomorrow, and in Garnett the middle schoolers go to the big high school, it is all one school, so this will be Nate's second year there.  I was tickling him in this picture trying to get him to laugh, and he was holding onto my fingers.

While I was gone, the man about the house was very, very busy.  You see he has the decking built and almost all stained for the south entrance to the new henhouse.  The chickens will actually come out a pophole to the left of the door, walk across the deck (which will have a railing) and then come down a ramp which will be just to the left of where Keith is standing.  It will have a railing on either side of it, since it will be a little higher than normal.  He is putting the people stair at the other side, with a railing, since we anticipate four steps down.

It's good to see the new teenager laugh out loud!


  1. Happy Birthday TeenAger!!
    A fancy hen house! can't wait ti see the finished product! Bet the chickens can't either.
    How many chickens??

  2. Happy happy birthday to your grandson!
    Sheesh.... they grow like weeds, don't they?!

    Your hubby is making great progress on the chicken coop!
    It will be so nice for you!!

    Have a great week!

    Smiles :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson- oh they grow up so fast!

  4. He really shot up!

    Keith is a very handy fellow to have around.

  5. Happy birthday to Nathan! He looks like a sweet boy!

  6. Happy Birthday!.....They do grow fast, my grandkids are shooting up all over!


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