Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Dog Days of Summer

Got hot again today, it's 101 right now at 6:18 PM.  I had hoped to show you pictures of the annual Leavenworth County Fair Parade, but when I went out to do chores at five, I was overcome by the heat.  I think I hadn't eaten enough today. You see, at work I snacked off and on all day, so my blood sugar stayed up... at home, I forget to stop and eat anything!  I had had some cereal, but really needed more in my stomach.  Keith was good enough to finish up outside, while I came in and made some burgers.  Tomorrow it is going to be much cooler out, and I will go down to the fair with a friend.  Keith is there right now, skipping the parade, and jawing with some friends who are working it who are emergency managers like himself.

So basically, except for doing water three times, the dogs and I stayed in today:

The Big Fella is not moving around much these days, and I am very worried about him.  His crooked muzzle is really evident in this picture, isn't it?

Gert preferred the bed in between the loveseat and recliner.  Love the little pink tongue sticking out.

Do you sense a theme here?  The pillows are actually for the dogs, but the throw is for me. 

I need to take a lesson from them and slow down!

Good friend and neighbor Kathy will feed and water for us on Friday and Saturday, so we can go to Iowa to meet Keith's parents at the Fair, and then spend the night with them in Ames.  We are so excited, we have not been away together overnight for five years!   I can't wait! 


  1. Have a great time on your trip!!

    Smiles :)

  2. That happened to me on Saturday. Rode for the 1st time in a while, cause either the horse or I had been hurt. Cleaned stalls and forgot to eat enough. When the hubby got in late at afternoon from working, I was shakey.

    Have fun on your trip.

    I thought he was making a face at you, yes....that sure shows how crooked it is.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time away! And I hope it soon cools down for you too...the heat is so draining, isn't it?!

  4. Oh I hope it cools enough for you to have a good time!

  5. Hope you're feeling better! That 105 got to me also, but I'm feeling better this morning after those storms and this refreshing cool weather.

  6. Praying you find some relief from this heat! Cute, cute, cute pics of the pups. Poor Big Fella really does have a crooked muzzle. I've never seen that before. Maybe when the weather cools he'll feel a little better? I sure hope so.


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