Monday, August 20, 2012

The Fence Fabric is Put Up

Wow, now it looks like a real henyard!  I think this chainlink investment is a good one.

The three man crew had it up in about 45 minutes, they knew what they were doing.

And here is the finished product, up in less than an hour. 

It will be smaller than the two yards we already have, but the birds will be able to get under the house, too. 
We still intend to cover this yard with some kind of fabric... possibly shade fabric, because we decided to use netting, and were warned that the wildings will get caught in it constantly.  Say bye bye to the dead grass, as the birds will have it out of there in no time.  I intend to put straw mulch in there.

Lilly Ann approves!

Representative group of hens who will be moving over to the new yard.


  1. Your hens will be so happy! And much safer, with that fence. I think it's nice too, that they can go underneath their house. That's a great place to hide from predators.

  2. did you bury any of that fence?

  3. Nice fence! Your chooks are going to be really happy in their new digs. Can I make a suggestion, though? I'd recommend going around the bottom with hardware cloth and burying it down into the ground. Otherwise, raccoons can reach right through that chain link and pull a chicken through it.

  4. Good looking and practical fencing! I like it!


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