Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good News

Here's Baby Swallow, the only one hatched from the second clutch this year, that we thought Lilly Ann had swallowed Monday night!  It made it to the pasture, where Mama and Daddy are guarding it.  We had a little rain this morning, so it was cooled off, and I am going to put a waterer near it tomorrow.  I suspect it was too young to really leave the nest, but the only other thing in it were four unhatched eggs.  The heat, we think. 

We hope it lives!


  1. We love barn swallows here...I hope this one makes it! They eat so many bugs! Yesterday when I was mowing, they were swooping all around me, eating the bugs that were stirred up by the mower.

  2. Best wishes to Baby Swallow. I hope the rain and cooler weather comes down here.

  3. Aww... how cute!
    So glad that all the right conditions came together for him.
    Hope he thrives!

    Have a good day!!

    Smiles :)


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