Thursday, August 23, 2012

Legs Diamond, A Rooster

Okay, he's still a cockerel. 
He's one of this year's hatch, one that the nursery man "threw in" as an extra.  I need to watch the box he throws those extras from next spring!

I happen to like this rooster very much.  He has not crowed yet. and he properly kowtows to all the older roosters, big and little, in the big henyard.  He is about to lose all his girlfriends, because all the juvenile pullets are moving to the big henhouse soon.  I have NO clue what breed he is, but he's big. When the tester was here the other day, I meant to ask her.  He's FAST.  He's also going to be Rambo's replacement when Rambo goes.

In this picture, he almost looks like a modern game.  That's one of the older hens next to him, and you can see he is taller than she, and almost as big as.
Keith has a theory that the reason the roosters in the big henyard get along so well is that they all have their own little harems.  One, Two, and Three, the old roosters, each have one little hen that hangs with them.  Boots (and by virtue of their friendship) Speedy Gonzalez and Nugget, the golden cochin all hang together.
For this reason, the tiny hens are not moving, at least not the ones in the big henyard.  The standards ARE moving, with the exception of the Polish girl, Buffy.  She is so fractious, and it's hard for her to see... it's not fair for her to move over to the new henyard and have to learn a whole new way of going in and out. If I have to, I'll move a couple of the older hens back who lay only once a week now.
Cocky, the rooster in the pasture pen, will be left with only one or two old hens for company.  The rest in that pen are moving over.

Keith is on the phone right now speaking with an emergency manager in a county south of us.  There is a huge brush fire raging down there, and the volunteers from three other counties are responding to the situation.  Keith is getting regular reports in case they need to call for further help.
Rain is predicted tomorrow, and a lot of rain (2 inches!) on Saturday, so we are praying it comes in time before anyone loses a home or farm buildings. 
We are also praying tonight for the farmer who started the brush fire accidentally on Tuesday across the highway from us.  He went back yesterday to do some caterpiller work on the hot spots, and suffered a stroke. He is hospitalized now.  Some rain would be much appreciated at this point!



  1. So much is happening at your farm.
    Oh we hope the rain pours and makes the fires be gone!

  2. Surprise!
    A non-egg layer... but, he's pretty, just the same :)

    Hoping that you get the rain that you need, and that your neighbor is home from the hospital soon, and on the mend.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor. Hope he's going to be okay.

    We're having to look out for Hurricane Issac coming in early next week. The models don't know exactly where yet.

    Have a fantastic weekend.


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