Friday, August 31, 2012

And The Clouds Came

This morning, early, I lay in bed saying prayers.  Keith and I had watched the blue moon rise from the deck last night, and as I lay in bed early, I could see it going down to the west.  Keith got up to let the dogs/chickens out.... and then ran back in to tell me to get dressed quickly and come out.

Here is what we saw....

This, friends, is the initial edge of Tropical Depression Isaac coming over us.
I went to the Santa Cali Gon Festival anyway, but by the time my cousin and I got there, this is what the grand old city of Independence, Queen City of the Trails, looked like:
This street on the square is usually jammed full of fair goers.  That's the historic Jackson County Courthouse in the picture where Harry Truman was judge.
As you see, the vendors were in trouble. 
The carnival was shut down in the bad weather.
Here's my cousin Mary in one of the booths... we particularly liked this one in one of the huge craft tents, because the lady had so many good ideas.
That's a 33 RPM record hanging behind Mary's head... with the spider that says "Gimme the Creeps".  She also painted many old buckets, and a gas can, on the top shelf with the ghost and pumpkin. 
We noticed that several of the large craft tents were already puddling water, and it appeared that some vendors had not even set up.
Christmas was not forgotten, either, and the snowman circular hanging is another record.
This is something I brought home!  Isn't it cute? 
It's going to be perfect for the fall season.
I came home to henyards in the soup... yes, we are overjoyed with the rain... but UGHHHHH. 
I heard on the news at 6 PM that they had shut Santa Cali Gon down at 5:30... it is normally open until 11 PM, because the puddling was so bad in the tents.  I am sorry for the vendors, as some had some from as far away at California, according to folks who visited with my cousin. 
We still had a great time and got lots of good ideas!


  1. I'm sorry your fun got cut short, but glad that you're getting some rain!!

  2. I hope it was at least a little relief from the heat. Nice sky shots.

  3. Yay for the rain for you ! and hopefully no damage from winds!
    Rain :)

  4. The blue moon is the perfect time to go dance in the mud. I bet the chickens think so!
    nitey nite


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