Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dusty Baths

Heaven knows there's enough dust around Calamity Acres at this point... and Libby enjoyed a dust bath after I renewed water and feed this evening.

And.... The Intrepid Lil was at it again... she stayed out last night with such a cool evening...
and about midnight, we heard a cacophony of barking.  Pretty soon I got up and staggered to the front door and called her, and she came right in.   This morning, I found this in the yard, about ten feet from the gate to the henyards:

This was an adult, full grown possum, note wound on belly.  We don't know how she senses them, but a few nights ago, Keith was out on the deck, late, with Lilly, when all of the sudden she sprang up and ran for the gate to the henyards. He got the flashlight and walked down there, and sure enough, there was a possum up on the fence.  We are locking all the birds up tightly at night, even when it was so hot... but still...

I thank everyone for their comments about my rant concerning egg donations yesterday.  I am going to talk to the Saturday manager at the thrift store/pantry and at least let her know what I was told.  It could be that the managers have no idea what is going on in the back, and certainly not what is being said by the volunteers (who mean well, I am sure).   We would like to continue to donate here in our "home" town, but if need be, there is another pantry five miles away run by a church there, and they have requirements only that the person asking for help give initials and a zip code, which I think is wonderful.  My primary care giver is associated with this pantry, and I have thought it might be a good one to help before.


  1. I really miss watching chickens having a good dust bath! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, you can find a resolution and a good home for your surplus eggs. I don't think that I would have been so polite.

  2. Oh Libby looks so happy!
    nitey nite

  3. Libby is so cute!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  4. I've never understood the draw of a dust bath...but then I'm not a chicken! I prefer to be clean! :) Ours do it too, and it seems to make them quite happy, although it makes for adventures when I'm mowing in their "pen"!

  5. She's one good guard dog.

    I hope you can work out the egg situation.


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