Thursday, August 9, 2012

Please Prove You Are Not Robot

I just wanna know ONE thing.  Who goes around with a camera and takes all those tiny pictures of the numbers for the proof thingy that we have to type in over and over in order to leave comments?  Some of them are obviously from the sides of buildings... is there a little Google person who travels the world, snapping numbers?

Just wondering.

Okay, I need to make some comments about the blog.  You probably have seen that I have changed some featured blogs lately.  One is a blog I like very much, Michaele at Sprout'N'Wings... but something is going on there with Blogger... when I open her, it stops everything on Blogger on my computer... I literally end up opening the blog over and over "Blogspot is not responding".  I had to remove "Fresh from the Farm" with Farmchick as well, as everytime I linked to her blog I got a Malware notice from my firewall provider.  Even though the firewall caught it, I did not want someone else without a good firewall infected because of me.  Now that I have more time, I'm going to start tweaking the blog a little and trying to freshen it up.

I notice my ads have disappeared, so obviously, in tweaking, I destroyed them.  Ah, well....

Here are some fair pictures.  I did not take pictures in the poultry barn, as they had it very dim.  There were maybe half or less birds as normal years, and I was told it was because the summer was so hot, there was no chance to condition birds.  I noticed that maybe four 4H kids had the entries locked up... cage after cage with the same four or five names.   There was a good crowd, and it was a beautiful evening with temps around 80.

I don't know what it was called, but the circle in the middle with the people upside down had them screaming!

This is a CAKE!
 Wait, this is a BLUE RIBBON CAKE!

That cow in the middle (and the two to the left) are Devons.  I had no idea there were any Devons in Leavenworth County.  They're gorgous.  That's a Charolais on the right, and I don't remember seeing any of them, either.

And this Shorthorn...

This is actually Angus, Black Baldy, and Gelbvieh country.

There was a whole barnfull of these and their meat goat cousins. These Oberhaslis were particularly cute, but there were a lot of LaManchas, too.  Keith was particularly taken with the goats when he went Tuesday night, and came home shaking his head.  For once I'M the one saying "Let's wait until spring" so we can see how the weather situation is going to play out.

I'm off to bed, as we have to get up before daybreak, do chores, and get on the road to Des Moines to the State Fair.


  1. This I know. Sometimes bloggy can be a real pain!
    nity nite

  2. If your hubby thinks goats are cute now, just wait until you have some of your own. They're fun! :) I can't wait until fair time here...the end of September for us.

  3. Love the pics from the fair...don't know if I'll make it this year. Day after tomorrow is the last day :(

  4. mine has been working better since I started using google chrome

  5. Great pictures!
    Sorry about having the blogging hiccups!
    After I came back from 'vacation', I noticed that A LOT of the blogs that I had on my sidebar, had vanished.
    I've been trying to get them all back on.

    Happy weekend!

    Smiles :)

  6. What a cake! I would hate to be the one to cut it, LOL. Can't say I've ever found LaManchas "cute," but some folks adore them.

  7. P.S. I think Blogger needs to fire that photographer. Some of those photo numbers are too blurry to read!


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