Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reiman Gardens

On Saturday, my mother in law, Trudy, and I went to Reiman Gardens, where she and Ralph are members. 

Reiman Gardens, part of Iowa State University, is a wonderful public garden.  I had last been there about five years ago, so there was much to see.

 This summer's attraction is a group of sculptures made with.... Legos!

Here is a butterfly, outside the butterly house, made entirely of Legos!

This beautiful garden on 14 acres adjacent to the Iowa State Campus is full of great gardening ideas.

This is part of the herb garden, which was in four beds bordered by box, with an armillary in the middle, and long beds on the sides.  I got lots of ideas from this garden. 

This was supposed to be a knot garden, with the smaller flowers snaking along under this huge cup-leaved plant, which I think is Colclasia.  I love it.  The stems were dark, dark brown, and the leaves bright green, and there HAS to be a way to use it in our garden beds.

Here is a hummingbird, made entirely of Legos.  It cracks me up that not one but FIVE people make their livings doing this.

One of the themes for the summer is planting in heights... and here is a great idea... culverts, cut into different heights.  There was a actually a third, shorter one... we believe they are full of gravel halfway up, or buried in the ground, and then the top halfs full of dirt.  Yes, Keith and I like this whole idea and are thinking of doing this next season.

Here is another example of growing upwards... these succulents are all placed into a grid, in their pots.   I love the use of the black millet for framing on either side.

Reiman also has beds of trial plants for the All American Selections held every year.  I fell in love with the Pink Pussy Tails, too!

Lego Goldfinches eating ... Lego blocks in the tube!

More Reiman Gardens tomorrow night, as this post is getting long on pictures... I still have a few things to show you... remarkable things.

Keith and I admit we were worn out by our trip, short as it was.  It involved lots of driving and LOTS of walking for two days, and wore us down.

That's the Ball Big Blue Book next to me, but as you see... the pugs and I were just too tuckered out to read it. 

More pictures tomorrow night of wonderful planting ideas!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Mary Ann. My nephew wants to be a lego designer so I bet he would love this!

  2. Your pictures are wonderful! I only live thirty miles from ISU, but I've never been to the gardens. I really do need to go visit sometime.

  3. I love the lego butterfly, and the goldfinches! So cheerful and colorful!

  4. I actually had an idea the other day to make a fence planter between the neighbors horses and my garden.

    Great ideas!


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