Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Picture-Heavy Post

Okay, you're warned!

Jackson, preening himself this evening.

Then the other side.

Then the wings, gently.

Under the tummy.

Fluff up

Finished, and bright-eyed.

Gee, it might not be a problem not donating eggs this week... this is all I got out of two whole henyards today!

Annabelle and Jack, about an hour ago. 

Annabelle and Clarabelle are finally getting their feathers in on the terribly bare undersides they came here with.  Remember, they were taken from a pen sodden with mud.  Can you see the new feathers on Anna's side right at the tip of her wing, in between her legs in the picture?  Her chest and the back of her neck are also getting covered, as are Clara's.  They are going to look beautiful!

Goldfinches on the feeder tonight.  Neighbor Kathy and I were talking about 20 feet away, and counted 8 males and about 7 females on and around the feeders as we spoke!


  1. Jackson looks like a bourbon red...handsome bird! Good for you for taking in the ones from poor conditions...I hate to see animals kept in mud and filth :(

  2. I don't think we get goldfinches here in MS.

    The turkeys are looking wonderful. I love his coloring.

  3. These are great photos of your turkeys. I've been seeing a couple of goldfinches on our property. I love them!


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