Friday, August 17, 2012

Henspa Progress

Keith has made great progress on the new henhouse this week... and believe me, henspa is not a misnomer!

As you see, it will be Fortress Henspa.  Hardware cloth will go on the outside of the wood rails... to keep the birds in, and Lilly Ann out.  I challenge any possum that thinks it's going to get in there with Lilly in the yard.  I'll be sitting in a chair for the first week we move the birds, squirting Lil in the behind with my squirt bottle until she learns she had better stay away from the pen.

We could have put lattice up, but it was too flimsy.  The whole point here is that the birds have good airflow.

As you can see, the fenceposts went in yesterday, and are curing.  The fencers will come back on Monday to put the chain link up.  Keith will be working on the two decks over the weekend, the side one where the door is, and the front.  A pophole will go to the left of the door, with a special ramp for the chickens to use.  The hens will also be able to freely get under the building, to get out of the sun and to get out of rain, etc.  It will also be a cool place for them, and, as I told Keith.... a place for me to crawl on my belly to get eggs!  He says the nest boxes will be good enough this time (we have learned) that the hens will love to lay inside.

Our gorgeous old maple tree in the dusk... I will hate it when we lose this grand old girl... she must be nearly a hundred years old. 

Look who was back last night for the first of two forays against the pasture pen.  The chickens in here have NO defense other than the pen... they are in an open doghouse.  I had hoped Kathy could make another pen, but her mother is very ill and she will have to go out of town.  Keith said we will address it after the big henhouse is finished.  I am thinking of moving the girls over there with the others, that will at least protect them.

Look at the difference in the time and the temperature. You can't tell from this picture, but the fox is at the front left of the pen, trying to get in.  He had come back four hours after the first foray.


  1. You might have to come up with some kind of long pole with a hook on it to pull eggs out from under the Henspa! Hopefully Keith is right, and they will love their new nesting boxes and you won't have to go to all that trouble!

  2. Is that a true story- you will crawl on your tummy to reach up and get the eggs? Holy smokies!
    That fox needs to get out of town!
    nitey nite chickys.

  3. That looks like a wonderful coop and run. A game camera is a great idea.

  4. The coop looks great and I think the raised floor so they can get under the house is a great idea. Just hope they don't lay eggs under there! Enjoy this cooler weather and have a nice weekend!

  5. Those chickens are going to have a luxurious new home.


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