Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Night at the Circus

NOTE TO ALL:  The blog was loading so very slowly last night I could not keep my eyes open and finally went to bed before posting... so I'm completing that post now.

I have never written about it, but one of the the subjects that interests me the most is the circus, and circus history.  One of my long-time bosses used to laugh because he always knew when the circus was in town, because I would take vacation so I could go to multiple performances.  One of the best things about working part-time at the two arenas was seeing so many circuses, and no, I never ever grew tired of seeing performance after performance.  My poor boys were dragged up in the morning and out to lots to see the tents go up... and one of them worked one show tearing down when they were short of help years ago.

So tonight, Keith and I went to see Culpepper and Merriweather Great Combined Shows, in Basehor, about five miles from us.  I had been waiting for it all during August, impatiently.

The front yard, looking towards the big top.
Concessions/ticket wagon... and this guy never takes a bad picture!
There was a small cat act with two tigers and a big lion.
And a "Big and Little" horse act that was very good and lively!
The sister of the horse lady presented a very fast dog act, and the dogs all looked happy and healthy.
A great juggler who was like a blur, and I could not get a clear picture of him!
And his sister was the hula hoop queen!
 And what would a circus be without a beautiful aerialist?
Keith and I waited in the parking lot until almost everyone was gone... and before we pulled out, the sidewalls were down, and the equipment packed up as they finished each act.  The lot is empty today, you can almost not tell the circus was there.
On to Ringling in two weeks!  (and back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow!)


  1. that hula hoop queen looked more like a slinky =o)

  2. Cant beat a good Circus!! Saw them as a boy, I dont think there are any left in this country, due to too many do gooders!

  3. It's been a long time since I went to the circus. This one looks like it was fun!

  4. Mary Ann..
    it looks like such fun!
    It has been decades since I last went to the circus.

    Thanks for sharing your visit to the circus with us !


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