Saturday, August 25, 2012

What My Mother Said

My mom died in 2008, when she was in her 94th year. She used to laugh at me when I lamented growing older.... and tell me ... "Little Girl, you have your whole life ahead of you still". My mom was pretty wise.
Today I celebrated my 62nd birthday, spending a very quiet day at home after dropping off the eggs and stopping at the store.  In midafternoon, I took Jeff down to the shopping center and to Walmart, and then we stopped to get a sandwich.  I came home to find a book I had ordered from Amazon in the mail, so sat down to have a good read.
My dear husband jumped the gun early, and gave me a gift of a day at the spa... so I have something to look forward to in the next few weeks.  What a good guy he is.
And the Good Lord gave us another gift....

Though we did not get the "waves" of rain that were predicted, we did get several decent soakings.  We still need about ten days of this kind of weather to get anywhere close to normal.  At least I didn't have to hand-water today.
And by the time we got to the last T Bones game of the season... it was still raining, but let up in the second inning.
If you had told me fifteen years ago I would have this wonderful man for a husband and celebrate my birthday at an independent league ball game, I would have laughed my head off! 
How blessed I am to still be here, and how I wish my sister were here today, to celebrate with me.  


  1. Well happy don't look a day over 29!!!

  2. What a wonderful gift from the Lord – and your husband, too! Glad it was happy; belated best wishes.

  3. Happy Birthday Mary Ann,
    Sounds like a really pleasant day you had. wonderful gift from your hubby
    enjoy the rain

  4. Happy Birthday Mary Ann! What a wonderful gift of rain...hope you get more!!

  5. Happy, happy birthday! Sometimes life is just good.

  6. We are happy with you!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy belated birthday fellow retiree!! Life can give us some wonderful gifts along with the other!! Your guy is lucky to have you too!! Love the pic of you two!! Been trying to catch up on my bloggers!! I'll try to send more rain by wishing and prayin-cause we have enough!!
    Rain :)

  8. Happy Birthday!

    You are blessed to have a wonderful man! Me 2!!!

  9. I hope you had a great birthday, you deserve it!


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