Monday, September 30, 2019

All the News Fit to Print

Here we are at the end of September already, how can it be? 

September of my life, too. 

Our beautiful sunset after storms Saturday. 

I just read on another blog that at this age, it's time to stop 
thinking of whether your clothes or hair or shoes are perfect, and to 
give up those friends who do not make you smile and laugh. 

I would have to agree with that, I don't think anymore about HOW I am 
appearing to others, as long as I am clean and relatively decent, and treat people kindly.   

And I am still rocking.   I went to see Toto on Friday night, 
and here I am with Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather, and standing to the side, Joe Williams, 
three long time members of the 8 piece band.  (Steve and Steve two of the founders). 

Though they don't look especially happy in this picture (or most of the others).... they were actually VERY nice people, and couldn't have been more engaging with their fans, and I have to give 
them credit for it, since they are still slogging through 200 plus dates a year on the road. 

I noticed Joe using liberal doses of hand sanitizer after the event. 

Some of you reading this know that I worked as an usher and ticket taker for 16 years at Kemper Arena (now called Hy Vee Arena) in Kansas City, Missouri, and all of the downtown KCMO buildings, Municipal Auditorium, etc..  I saw every band; my very first concert at 14 was The Beatles when they appeared at Municipal Stadium.  I have not seen Elton, Billy Joel, (I took the night off, as I worked a full time job, too) and the Stones.  I have seen just about everyone else. 

I had not seen Toto! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, but the drive home in a pounding rainstorm was frightening. 

I have a CD player in the car, and make my own CDs, and yes, you will find me singing along and "rocking down the highway."

And now, on to farm news, and thanks to Grandson Chris for farm-sitting. 

Saturday was a sad day after my big night out, my first concert since May, when I still had the boot on my leg. 

Most of you also know that I coped for six months this year with a torn Achilles tendon in my right leg.   It was extremely painful, and I feared I would have to have the re-attachment surgery, which would have laid me up for weeks.  I could not figure out how to take care of this place if that had happened. 

Miraculously, as an answer to prayers, it healed. 

However, last week I had the flu bug already going around our area.  As I lay in bed, too exhausted to do anything, I worried myself sick about the ducks. 

Yes, the ducks. 

I changed the two duck pools out up to three times a day, because it is still so hot here. 
Yes, they could have used the dirty water, but I am just like that. 

I had two areas that looked like this, and I wear Sloggers to do chores, and nearly fell four times. 

I am afraid of falling, because if I am stranded in the yard with something broken, it might be days before I am found if I have forgotten my phone. 

I made the decision I would have to rehome the ducks.  

It was very, very hard, because of Duckie, whom I have had for almost two years. 

My friend Tammy Potts, who is a counselor at Basehor Linwood High School and also 
works with Kitty Cat Connection, found a friend who kept chickens who took my eight 
daily layers, and their rooster (Midnight, a miracle).... and another friend who kept ducks 
who welcomed all six of the Pekins.  It was a miracle. 

Her friend Tammy came Saturday with her husband to pick everyone up. 

(this picture just about killed me) 

I know that the place the ducks went has a fenced pond, and there are other ducks there, 
so I was so happy for them. 

The pools have been emptied for the last time. 

There are sixteen old hens here and two roosters.  I have shut the old hen house up for good. 

The little hen house will be cleaned out this week, and Singleton and his six girls at the Ag Hall will come home on October 20 to a new building. (they used to live in the old hen house). 

Both the big and little hen house are on the same side of the yard, so no more criss-crossing with feed, etc.  

I got a total of four eggs yesterday. 

I noticed that there was almost NO conflict Saturday and Sunday with Ferdie, my oldest rooster, and his son, Buddy.  I am wondering now if Midnight, the cochin, was actually the problem all summer, with fighting, etc. 

It is still hot here, mostly, though we did have a reprieve Friday and Saturday. 

The porch plants are fading, and I bought two good-sized mums at Orschelns today, 
they have passed their first bloom... they were 2.00 each, and I am going to go 
out on the deck and trim them back, I think I will get a huge second bloom, well worth the 
2.00 price. 

I am dreaming of Christmas already, which is funny, because I no longer
host a family gathering, and I really decorate for just me. 

Son Jeff is coming this year to have Thanksgiving dinner with me, the first time in a long time, and I am really excited about that. 

I thank God every day for letting me live somewhere so beautiful. 

I took this last Monday, my nephew came and replaced the front roof of the sheep barn, and three boards in front.  It is ready for winter, and I have a good supply of hay, it's an investment in the future of the sheep. 

These naughty creatures. 

They cleaned up all the apples that I could reach. 

I am still mowing... and yes, I need to mow today.  I think I'll wait til tomorrow, 
since I spent the morning doing errands. 

Things change, and it's still good to embrace change at my age. 

As I lose hens, I will not replace them now.  I will buy eggs for the 
shelter, and continue to contribute to a meal weekly for them. 

Fifteen less birds meant a shortening of chores over the weekend, I noticed.  I have had many years of chicken keeping, and have enjoyed it very much... but it is time to slow down a little. 

I still got 8000 steps yesterday!

My sweet Jester. 

Little Frizi, whom I was so lucky to get. 


  1. I know you will miss them. But, if they got good homes that is a great thing.

  2. i was packing some things up yesterday, wrapping them in newspaper when i saw the headline to a story. it read: blondie is 72. i just stopped and read it again. blondie is 72? how did this happen? is this some kind of a trick. and then i remembered that i too, am old. it's so weird.

    1. Debbie Harry 72.... I can't believe it, either!

  3. This post feels melancholy; I understand. You are a bit older than me, but I have always thought ahead more than most people I know. With one heart attack and additional stents in his history, chances aren't good that Rick will be around a long time, and my teenager talks about joining the military and dreams of special ops. Can I keep up this place alone? Could I find a girlfriend who would like this life and want to share the house and chores? Even if I can keep up on the work, could I afford to care for many/any animals with the in-house veterinarian gone? I guess time will tell,

  4. Hari OM
    Yes, separation is hard - but it is also liberating, as you discovered with the immediate reduction in tasks. Very sensible to think of the hazards and prepare, so that maximum joy can be gained from what remains! YAM xx

  5. So glad you took some time out just for you. we all need that now and then. It's hard to believe that summer is over as it's been unusually hot here for and we're breaking records for the 1st day of October. Glad you cut back on some chickens and the ducks. Sad to see them go, but you do have to consider what is good for you. You don't want to fall. Keep safe and enjoy your pretty place.

  6. I showed my husband the Toto picture. He said he would like to see them too. I love all your pictures of your animals.

  7. After keeping chickens for 31 almost 32 years I do not keep chickens anymore. We moved from our acreage in Jan. of this year and the new owner said he would be OK with keeping the chickens. I was glad for that so I didn't have to find new homes for them. They were active layers, about 20 of them with a rooster. He grew up with chickens so was fine with them. He is in his 20's and is eager to tackle the maintaining of our old farmhouse and acreage. The house was built in 1883 and we had remodeled it quite a bit but it needed foundation work, trees trimmed, a retaining wall will need work soon etc. We found a nice ranch style house on the end of a closed street, overlooks farm fields, nice and quiet little village. We love it. I totally know what you mean about slowing down a bit. Nannie

  8. We love seeing the photos of Jester and Frizi. It was nice to read that your nephew came to help you get ready for winter coming soon. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
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