Sunday, October 28, 2018

October is Flying By

The days have, for the most part, been very beautiful. 

Beauty is all around, this month, my favorite. 

Even though our nation is dealing with so much sadness, especially this last week. 

I try to remember that there is still good all around us. 

What I can see with my own eyes leads me to believe it is so. 

I am staying busy and thinking positively, and thank 
heavens for my volunteering at the National Agricultural Center, 
and seeing the happy and inquiring youth during our school tours. 

We have a good foundation for better days, I think. 

Wintry mix is coming this week, but I think we can get above it. 


  1. Hari Om
    The negative is easily seen - keeping the balance positive is our challenge. Well met, my friend! YAM xx

  2. There is always going to be evil. The thing is to keep it beat down.

    Good pictures Mary Ann. You are looking good too.

    Have a great week.

  3. it's been an awful few days for this city. i never thought i would live to see this kind of hatred.

  4. I agree, thankful for all the beauty all around us. It's good to hold on to when times of trouble come.

  5. Afternoon sweet friend, I missed you and your posts so. Happy to be back to blogging, I hope, lol... we must look for the goodness, animals help with that for me...Hugs Francine.


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