Friday, November 9, 2018

Looking Back

I know you all remember that I lost Keith two years ago last month. 

I am still unpacking boxes from my move back to Calamity Acres 
a year ago.  

So, this morning, I am still going through things since we had 
our first snow last night. 

I found some lovely old pictures, and I am so glad that I took them. 

When we first got our llamas, one was a young cria, 
and you notice he has a halter on.  We should have worked with him daily, because trust me, 
he was not halter-broken. 

Please note that Keith had already made our new barn pad (the barn 
never built) because our little pond is already in the pasture. 

You also see that the east fence line was still pretty much clear, you 
can see the Spehar's two deep ponds to the east clearly. 

Their view is almost obscured now. 

Our dear old Beau and his favorite goose, Samantha, were still alive. 
Samantha and Beau were very bonded, she spent all her time with him, 
instead of the other geese. 

Big Mama Llama and Beau had a bit of a contentious relationship, note her face. 

And she and her cria, Tony, pretty much took over Beau's barn. 

On Llama Roundup Day (shearing day) we had friends stop by 
with some of their animals to help us shear. 

And here comes Beau at the trot to see what the heck is going on!

And here I am, 125 pounds heavier, giving a baby bison a bottle. 

My face was permanently red from exertion back then, I am MUCH 
better off physically, now. 

Beau really liked the little lambs. 

Friend Joni showed us how the little ones liked to play. 

We eventually did get to the shearing. 

Here is where I'll stop for a moment.  We bought our llamas 
from these folks... and another from another lady in 
Douglas county. 

Llamas, to be healthy, need to have their heavy coats taken off once a year... and shots. 

If Joni and Michael had not come down every year and helped us, we would not have 
been able to do it.  It was too much for Keith and me.  Because none of ours 
was halter broken except for Big Mama (who was actually on loan from Joni and Michael)... 
it was a wild roundup.  

So... looking back... it was an ill-considered venture, despite the pleasure we 
got from watching them. 

Tony is frothing, he was scared to death. 

There was something else on this disc, that I was very happy to see. 

Handsome stepson Brandon, on his way to a winter dance at the high school. 

I had forgotten I had taken these pictures. 

Brandon graduated in 2010. 

We lost him five years ago. 

Happy times!


  1. Hari Om
    Mary Ann, I would not have specifically know it was two years already - it seem like yesterday, so how much more so for you?! These are lovely images and amd sure they brought back some of the very best (and possibly worst!) memories... thank you for letting us see them. YAM xx

  2. Admire you lovely post and sharing your pictures/happy/sad stories. God bless you, these sad memories sure can be beautiful.

  3. Bitter sweet memories for sure of happy days gone by. I always like to think that those we loose are alway close by as we keep them close in our hearts forever. How wonderful you have all those photos. I've lost several of mine, and wish I still had them, but still the memories live on.

  4. This is what old photos do, bring back the sad as well as the happy, don't they? And yet I can't resist them and am so thankful for them, can spend hours with them. I'm so glad that you feel better today, Mary Ann. That is such an accomplishment.

  5. Good to hear from you Mary Ann. Pictures are our memories and very precious to us.

  6. Memories, and beautiful pictures, that forever live in our heart.


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