Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where do the Days Go?

I promise you, every week I make a promise to myself to start 
blogging daily again. 

Every night I am so tired lately, I can't make myself sit and do it! 
It was easier on the farm, when I carried the little camera all the time 
and took pictures all day long, I think, though I have more fun now 
with the big camera. 

So, let's start with some chicken pictures. 

I cut some grass the other night and raked it up for the chickens to have. 
They don't get out on grass... and man, they went crazy!  

I also dumped a bale of straw in there for the hens to sort through and keep them busy, because we were having storms for a few days. 

Ferdie, or "King" as the day campers called him this summer, watches me through the viewing glass. 

He has also begun trying to spur me, so I have to extend my leg to him to keep him away. 

I start talking to him as soon as I come in the henhouse. 

Twilight and Starlight the turkeys come to me as soon as I come in, and I hold up 
a little treat for them, so the hens don't push them off.  Even though they are bigger, 
they are easily intimidated.  

Even when it's hot, Jes likes to go out on the porch for a while during the day. 

Last Sunday was beautiful out, and I ran to the grocery in the afternoon, and 
look who I saw when I went around the corner of our street!  The most 
beautiful mule!  I thought I had gotten a picture of  him facing me, but the picture did not come out. 

Around the corner (meaning a couple of blocks away) there is a pasture with three little donkeys. 
This mule lives with them, as his human explained.  He was in GREAT shape, 14 years old, and I forgot to ask his name.  He had a blaze face. 

I knew they were moving ground around the Big Ditch... but I was STUNNED to see this. 

I got out of the car to see if I was really seeing things right. 

I was, these are turtles on the bottom of the ditch. 

I worried about them for two whole days. 

Last night after church, I held my breath as I drove up the road.  

Lo and behold, after the heavy rains Friday, the ditch had filled again. 


next to it was this: 

A big berm of dirt that ran along the road at the edge of the now-cleared field. 

The pasture pond filled a little. 

The corn is getting closer to harvest... 
and I have lots more pictures to share from the past week, I'll add some 
more tomorrow. 


  1. It would be nice to spend time with hens. I have spend time with white hens.

  2. Those chickens look like they have a nice social hour going on
    Lily & Edward

  3. You are sweeter than I am. My roo did that once. After a chicken whuppin' he ran away from me instead of toward me :)

    if I rode in shorts, I would not have any hide left on my legs

    your video would not play for me

  4. Hari OM
    Definitely things on the move at the ditch! Love the shot of the cattle bathing - and the chooks are always good value. Hi Jester!!! YAM xx

  5. Yes you did have a lot of fun with the big camera! Beautiful photos that give a real feeling for your community! BUTT we thought for sure there would be pictures of tomatoes!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Nice to see your pictures. The rooster one reminded me of a story in the most recent issue of Grit. A rooster had been getting feisty with this person and one day the roo approached just when the person had a big bucket of cold water and he got a shower. After that the rooster would follow the person around and did not try to attack. There was another story about one that ended up on the table though! So be careful around that rooster!

  7. Great pictures as always. I love the cows in the water. It would be nice to have a little pond to cool off in on these hot days.

  8. I love the cows in the water!


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