Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Using Up Those Pictures!

The last day of August, 2016... so hard to believe the majority of summer is 
past us now.  Yes, time flies faster the older we get. 

The green mound in the middle is made of 3 mum plants that 
wintered over in our garage last winter.  I only watered them once in a while, and 
frankly, they looked dead.  Along about March, though, I noticed a sliver of green in 
all three. 

I planted them in this barrel, and I am about to have a burst of color in an almost perfect mound! 

I'll be collecting seeds from the balsam, the marigolds and the zinnias this week. 
I put them in brown envelopes for the winter and keep them dry. 

 This is the crazy tomato that sprouted in the low planter a month or so ago.  It's blooming! 

The sunflower grew in this low container all summer, you can see it's stalk... and 
the marigolds that dropped down from the planter behind it and grew.  
I'm letting the tomato grow, as an experiment. 

Here is poor Twilight, the female turkey, last night, in the feed room at the Ag Hall. 
As you can see, she has been pecked at by the chickens for weeks, her wing was 
quite bloody the other day.  We have been keeping Wonder Dust on it daily, but yesterday, they were pecking her chest, etc., and she had grown so heavy she could not get away. 
Remember, these are commercial turkeys.  I put her in the feed room 
so she could have some peace and quiet for the night. 

And this morning, she was reunited with Starlight, her friend, and they were moved to 
a friend's house for freezer camp. 

Yes, I will miss them. 

I am sorry their video did not post, they were very personable, as all turkeys are. 

The problem with these commercial-type turkeys is that they cannot carry their weight 
past a certain time.  She was having trouble walking, and her legs/feet were splaying.  He was still able to get around.  

My friend believes they will dress out at about 12 pounds each. 

Here is yesterday's tomato harvest, and I could have picked twice the little ones. 

See the cracking?  That was caused this year by the regular rain, followed by intense heat, 
it is a subject near and dear to all my gardening friends. 

Friday I am meeting with one of the master gardeners while I am at the 
Ag Hall, to discuss a presentation she is doing about Straw Bale Gardening. 

Very. Very. Rare. 

Both of them at once. 

We have had planes buzzing our house for a few days in the last week. 

Last night, one came so low it scared me! 

Remember, there are farm fields all around us, but there is also a farm field with several hangers in it about six miles from us... and I think these guys are practicing, instead of 
spreading fertilizer. 

My favorite cute calf. 

My favorite birds.  

Look who was back on Sunday! 

I had not seen him for the last two months. 

He stayed for about 15 minutes. 

A juvenile mockingbird scolded him from a wire above him the whole time. 

I know it's fall.  Baseball has started again! 


  1. Shoot a couple tracers by the planes and they'll stay away.

  2. Hari OM
    Yummmm, tomato soup.... the turkeys at least had your loving care for a while. Autumn has started with a freezer over here. YAM xx

  3. Wow beautiful photos! Those tomatoes are amazing,,,!!!
    We hardly got any this year!

  4. Odd that you mention those pesky planes, I've had one buzzing over the house and scaring the goats- as early as 7:30. Not a fan of em- but am a fan of your lovely nature shots, thanks for sharing.

  5. Our tomatoes have had it. All the rain we got ruined them.
    Baseball already, time flies. Jax is a cutie.

  6. I didn't realize they do fall baseball. I'm pretty sure it is a spring thing here. I always enjoy your many pictures. My favorite today was the mum plant. I only had one mum winter over and it's a small and straggly thing. I really should go get more for outside on the porch this fall.

  7. Your mum is beautiful and big!!!! stella rose

  8. Although all the photos were nice that last one was brilliant! It's a keeper for sure. Our mom felt sorry for the turkeys.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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