Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sticking Close to Home

Tomorrow, I start my first of many 
Saturday, we have our first (huge) event of the season, 
Barnyard Babies. 

I stuck pretty close to home today, to get our house clean, and 
to rest in anticipation. 

We did go for a walk, and despite driving about 8 miles of 
back roads, this is all we saw: 


I saw this in the hawk nest.  I got a little worried... from the street, you could only see white. 

The mailman stopped, he has been watching her too... and we talked about it.  The white worried him. 

This was this morning: 

She is fine. 

I left the door open while I worked in the basement cleaning today, so I could hear the birdsong.  
Then I took a chair and put it back in the shadows, and shot out the door. 

A grackle soon took his place. 

While this cowbird ate under the bench. 

He was not alone. 

They look a little spooky, don't they? 


  1. Cowbirds are so pretty, but not my favorite bird. I can't have feeders because of them. They will bombard and empty one in mere minutes.

  2. Glad you had your day at home to get ready for the busy days at home. Hope the weather stays good for there for you !

  3. My mom loves to hear the happy cardinals singing in our yard, have a very good weekend. They are lucky to have you there to help them. stella rose

  4. We love hearing the birds around on our morning walks.

  5. Those cowbirds remind me of our magpies here. They are so pretty but really are jerks aren't they? :)

  6. Nice shots and glad the mama bird is doing well!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I know most consider them pests, but I love cowbirds :-).

  8. Wow !! total amazing bird photos!

  9. Hope you are rested after your weekend at the Ag Hall. I'm worn out after baby sitting Zoie yesterday.


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