Thursday, April 28, 2016

Calm Before the Storm

First, some prayers are asked. 

This afternoon, everything went dark here, computer off, tv off, lights off. 

Keith happened to be coming home from the post and called me to 
say there was a terrible wreck a mile from us, at a dangerous intersection. 

A van had crashed into a pole, and broken the pole.  

Someone in the van was killed, and others had to be extricated. 

So, prayers for the poor families whose lives changed today. 

We went four hours without power... and 
five or more without internet, nothing compared to how 
those family's lives have changed forever. 

The dogs and I traveled around yesterday after Tuesday 
night's rains to see what we could see. 

There is water in the little pond again. 

This guy had a perch on the top of an electric pole in the pasture, where he could see 
far and wide. 

I saw this pretty girl in a pasture... and I saw some more trying to cross a road, but when they saw me 
coming, they faded back into the woods.  

We walked a mile yesterday and today.  Jester looks kind of sad about it, doesn't he? 

Our creeks are running like wild rivers.  I did not try to get near one I usually photograph. 

This is why it was closed... water over the roadway between fields, and water over the bridge.  That's a hill coming down to the bridge, and it's hard to turn around over there... I'm glad I erred on the side of caution and did not come that way. 

That's actually about a half mile from where I was sitting in the car. 

I'm going to warn you to not look at the rest of the post, if you are squeamish. 

This guy was on a long-dead possum on a road near our house. 

These birds are so helpful, ridding us of roadside bodies. 

When he had finished, there was nothing left but the fur. 

Lilly did not want to get out of the car after we walked yesterday. 

I had to leave her out there for 45 minutes, even with the leash she would not come. 
She had chased a rabbit earlier, and I am thinking that that effort cost her. 
I think she is hurting. 

She takes Rimadyl for arthritic pain. 

We are walking pretty slowly these days. 

Here is a happier bird picture for you... this is a family at the Ag Hall.  There are five goslings. 

They were happily following along with mom and dad. 

The pond there is overflowing, too. 

We are expecting at least another inch of rain on 

I leave you with a last happy picture. 

Do you see him watching me???

I had to crop this way down so you could see him. 

There is another one on the left.  

I am so glad Big Mama had another successful hatch! 


  1. Even Lily knows that getting old is for the birds!

  2. You might want to talk to your vet about trying some different pain meds for Lilly. Previcox generally works much better and is a lot safer than rimadyl, it is a bit pricely though. Neurontin (sp?) is another good choice, also much safer and more effective and this one is very cheap. All dogs are different and respond differently to drugs, but it would be worth talking to your vet about it.

  3. You can pack so much in a post!

    I see the fuzzy babies!!!!

  4. So sad about the accident and I will pray for them. It's a strange coincidence but I heard on the news yesterday that someone had hit a pool not far from us and there were people without power in the area. The picture of the goslings is a precious one !

  5. Cool baby picture! yah for her!!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about someone losing their life like that. Not saying that they were doing it, but sooooooooo many people drive absolutely crazy these days. I tell the hubby they drive like they think they have 9 lives. I am stunned by some of the stunts they pull when I'm traveling back and forth to work and home.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I think storms are suppose to hit us tomorrow and Sunday.

  6. Wow, you hit the jackpot with great photos! Our mom knows all about those bad accidents. She used to be a casualty claims adjuster. It is very sad.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Sending good vibes for the peoples. Gosh all that crazy weather could be scary
    Lily & Edward

  8. Lovely pics as usual Mary Ann. Lilly does look a bit tired.


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