Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Stormy Tuesday

Storms have come to Northeast Kansas today. 

That was this evening, but we had a storm come through early this morning. 

Lilly ended up in the basement with Keith, she hates them.  He makes a place for her to go down and get in the darkest corner of the basement, where she can't hear thunder or see any lightening. 

Here was our side yard... the one I had tadpoles in last year. 

That was from the morning rain. 

It has been raining for the last 30 minutes right now. 

The entire yard was sodden.  (and thank heavens I cut last night). 

See my perennial garden in the background????  Coming up great!!

I saw this in a pasture as I came down a gravel road from the park.  Four ducks and at least seven different kinds of shorebirds!  That is not a pond, just a wet spot.  I got home, dropped the dogs, switched to the long lens, and went back on my way to the store.  The ducks were gone. 

I think these are all upland sandpipers or upland plovers, the birding group calls them yellowlegs. 

There were three more in the field on the right, but they are colored just like the dirt. 

See the corn coming up???

Something had died across the road.  The fourth had just flown. 

There were three more above them. 

Roadside phlox is blooming. 

And look at the creeks!  Wow!  

See the phlox along the banks? 

Our park is waterlogged, too. 

(I am switching back and forth from big camera to little Canon) 

Our straw bales are under tarp tonight because we don't want the 
fertilizer we have put on them to wash through and out. 

However... we had a harbinger of spring here tonight who serenaded us merrily

Be safe, everyone in the storm's way. 

I am going to get off this thing while it is storming! 


  1. May we all feel the joy that is that Robin's song.

    No rain here.

  2. Love the robin photo; glad you got needed rain!

  3. We are suppose to get those storms this afternoon. I hope nothing gets torn up.....

  4. Hope the storms don't cause damage in your area.

  5. We've had rain here too, but not bad and no flooding. I always love to see your pictures, but the one of the robin is my favorite for today!

  6. We heard about those storms on the news, so scary! We enjoyed all the photos and especially liked that last one!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Scary sky. Be safe
    Lily & Edward

  8. When it rain,, it pours!
    Love that robin!

  9. Have enjoyed the sun the last few days.
    Not really looking forward to more. Still
    trying to clean up from the last deluge.

    Take care.

    M : )


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