Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Good Shepherd and More

I often mention the food pantry, and I thought I would show you a picture of it. 

The Good Shepherd Food pantry is supported by the thrift shop that is part of it.  This little building was a house, built onto. 
The volunteers here come from all the different congregations in Tonganoxie. 

As you can see, our shelves are currently pretty bare.  It's the end of summer. 

Ummmm... there IS some cereal.  We are low on soups, boxed potato mixes, etc.. 

The grocery store here, B and J Country Mart, is extremely generous to the pantry, and there is often salad mix and lots of baked goods to give to those coming in.  

On Tuesday and Thursday, the inmates at the Lansing Correctional Center deliver fresh produce here and several other places in Leavenworth County, to be given FREE to those who would like to have it.  

Our eggs have gone here for several years now, and a another lady has begun bringing some eggs, too. 

Keith and I are trying to get a few extra boxes of food each time we go to the store, and then taking it down with the eggs.  

I want to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes... my birthday was actually last Sunday, and I had a most peaceful one here at home with my Honey. 

63 years YOUNG! 

Keith took this picture last night at the T Bones last game.  It was 102 when we left to go. 
This picture is remarkable for ONE THING. 


I wore them Friday night and Saturday night, and I was glad I did!  
My gosh, it was hot and humid at the game, but we did enjoy watching our team for the last time this year.  I even tried to eat a hot dog (I can't swallow bread, really) and the kind lady to my left, who was sitting next to me, moved down with her husband when the rest of the row remained open, so we could all breathe a little easier.  Whew. 

I drank a LOT of cherry lemonade this season! 

We called flip-flops "thongs" when I was a girl, and that's how I still think of them! 

I've noticed in the mornings that the chickens in the old henhouse are slower and slower to come out. 
Even the (little) Big Guy didn't want to come out in the morning's humidity. 
Buddy stayed inside with the hens. 

And Boots at the other pophole wasn't much for coming out, either. 

Of course, it might have been Abby, the Scourge of the Chicken Yard, keeping them in.  She had just chased the ducks when I took this picture.  I had to escort her OUT. 

The asclepias is still going strong, and see the most unusual seed pods on them?  Wow!
That's a volunteer sunflower growing up amongst them. 

In fact, the hot border is still giving us plenty of color here at the end of August. 

I took this early this morning while it was still pretty clear, and I'm happy to say it's now very overcast.  I'm going to do some water and maybe cut some grass this afternoon.  I can't believe how much it's growing after the heat of this past week. 

I also ran to Walmart after I delivered eggs this morning, and bought some 1.98 mums in yellow and white. 
I can't wait to show you all what I'm going to do with them this afternoon. 

And what post would be complete without these guys: 

Ritz Crackers taste pretty good now, don't they, Kelly? 

You already know that, don't you, Kody?

Notice that Kelly is now almost as big as Kody! 

This is NOT a dead Polish hen. 



Keith has just come in from the post office to tell me that it is raining in Topeka, 50 miles to our west.  It is so overcast here that I am crossing my fingers.  


Everyone have a safe start to your Labor Day weekend! 


  1. Happy Labour day weekend to you! Here in Ireland we call them flip flops but they call them things in Australia.

    How great of you to give your eggs to the needy.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, Mary Ann. You certainly don't look your age!
    It is hot and humid here as well; can't believe I'm hoping for rain after the wet year so far, but we need it.

  3. Happy birthday Mary Ann, it's never too late for that right?:) Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend as well. And I remember when flip-flops were thongs as well.

  4. Enjoy your labor day weekend, stay cool, and don't work to hard.

  5. We don't comment much but I thought i would let you know that Darcy and I enjoy reading your post very much. Everything looks great have a good LABOR DAY WEEKEND

    from the Cobbs

  6. Have a great holiday weekend! I am soooooooooooo
    thankful for our cloudy day. It is helping a bit
    with the heat. We would love some rain too.
    I's go out and play in it if it would rain!!!

    Take care, stay cook and drink lots of H2O.


  7. Nice pics. We had storms this morning but it sunny and breezy now. Have a nice Labor Day.

  8. i hope you get some rain and cooler weather. the sunbathing hen looks dead! i wonder if ritz knows how much goats like their crackers?

  9. That hen really got into her sunbathing. It always makes me laugh to see them just fall over like that. I hope your heat breaks. It is miserable here today, with smoke from the Rim Fire and humidity from the hurricanes coming up from Mexico.
    Your yard looks wonderful. You made me laugh about the thongs/flipflop thing. I still slip and I get the weirdest looks. That was what they were called. :)
    I never wear mind in public either.
    Have a lovely weekend

  10. Happy late birthday. You might have to be careful since "thong" has a much different meaning in articles of clothing now. Beautiful flowers still.

  11. Looking good for 63 years young Mary Ann!

    Yep thongs are different clothing items altogether nowadays!!!!

  12. Hope you got some rain! Great to learn more about the food pantry - what a wonderful idea.

  13. Nice to see the food bank and you look fantastic! I hope you are feeling better :)

  14. You'd better recheck your birth don't look 63!

    that hen had me fooled

    A very good thing that you are doing to support the needy Mary Ann and Keith


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