Thursday, August 29, 2013

And Now It's Already a (HOT) Thursday!

Well, friends, if we can make it through the weekend, we'll see calmer and cooler temps next week, according to the forecast.  From the high 90's over the next few days, 
to the mid 80's.  Grand! 

A year ago tomorrow, I went to the Santi-Cali-Gon Days festival in Independence, Missouri, 
the Queen City of the Trails, with my cousin Fuh Fuh.  This yearly festival of the three trails features tent after tent of crafters, good festival food, and live entertainment. 
Last year's was nearly rained out. 
We spent the Friday in rain showers, trying to carry our finds back to the car between the raindrops.  The entertainment was washed out, as they perform on an outdoor stage. 

Looks like the festival will have clear weather for this weekend! 

Our local Kansas City Renaissance Festival also starts on Saturday, to run for six weekends. 
Keith has never been, and we live ten minutes from the site and pass it almost daily, so we hope to go this year and he can get a taste of what Renaissance Britain was about. 

Pictures will come, don't worry! 

These eggs were the ones under Reddy that I pictured in yesterday's post.  At least, most of them were... there were one or two from the old henhouse as well. 

See how dirty they are? 

There's an egg eater in the henspa.  I caught her at it on Tuesday afternoon.  I had been finding sticky eggs for several weeks, and figured someone was eating eggs... someone who doesn't go outside and who had been setting for a long time. 

Here is little Snowball, a homebred bantam.  It is she who is eating eggs. 

I'm going to be keeping an eye on her for the next few weeks.  This is not something you want to get hens started doing. 

Despite the late summer heat, the sky has taken on a decidedly fall-like cast in the early morning.  You can tell the seasons are about to change. 

The petunias that have delighted us all summer, and have smelled so wonderful, are giving their last gasp now.  They are soon going to be replaced by mums. 

A simple board in the pasture. 

Beneath it, an entire world and lifetimes (see upper left of picture). 

I don't know where my respect for God's creatures grew so great, though my parents brought me up in a God-loving home.  Even the tiniest field mouse deserves a decent life. 

Another of God's creatures was waiting for her daddy to finish his oatmeal this morning. 

And finally, we made a little trip last night. 
Daughter Amber, her husband Jesse, and son Jace put their house up for sale 6 weeks ago.  It sold in one day. 
They are staying (as of 3 weeks ago) with daughter Andrea, husband Nick, and little Brynn, pictured above with Keith.  It was a good excuse to go see the two little ones. 

Papaw was in his glory. 


  1. Hahaha, love Abby with her dinosaur

    Cute pictures of Papaw

    I'm with you Mary Ann, I holler at Ronny to leave the mice alone.

  2. Mary Ann,

    That last picture is so sweet. I'm w/you about he mice. Look at all his hard work!

  3. Sweet pictures. You'll have to put that board back! LOL. Very humid here today. Me and the boys are staying in with the air on. Poor Kevin's glasses kept fogging up! I hope the rain holds off this weekend! I look forward to pictures.

  4. MOm said to tell you they use to go to those renaissance fairs in germany and just loved it, cos they usually were held in castle ruins. It is supposed to be pretty hot here until Monday or Tuesday next week. We hardly get to go outside cos it is to hot for us, about 5 min. at a time. We love that picture of ab's and the grandbabies.
    stella rose

  5. Aww, love those family pics - special times :-)

  6. It's good the sale went so well.

    I'm ready for cooler weather.

  7. How sweet those little ones are ! I agree there is definitely a feeling of a change of seasons in the air. We were out sight seeing here in Ohio today and there were many trees starting to change color already. Summer is fast fading. Still hot here but we are in the 80's not 90's. We have an Ohio Renaissance festival and I've been many times over the years and love it. I do hope you get to yours. They are loads of fun. And this weekend we are going to the Great Trail Festival which reenacts the French and Indian Era in Ohio. French traders and Indian tepees. Lots of crafts and history too. I love going to these sorts of things.

  8. I did not know chickens eat eggs!
    Oh we had a little mouse in the house and we caught him and now he is outside.

  9. Mom loves going to festivals. Hope it cools down. It's really hot here too
    Benny & Lily

  10. Great photos of grandpa : ) Too bad about the egg eater. If there is any way you can darken the nest - that will help. Ask me how I know. Love that photo of the mouse tunnels. Do you have cats?


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