Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surviving the Heat

It's hard on animals and humans in the heat.  

I have to say, that the Goat Boys are surviving it very well.  In the afternoons, they have been coming up on the deck or porch to lounge and sleep or chew their cuds.  Yes, I have to sweep some "goat berries" as my mom would have called them, off the porch.  It seems a small price to pay. 

The dogs are getting used to hearing them outside the door, and yes, Kody thinks he should be in the air conditioning, too.  

We are getting ever so closer to Kelly.  He dances just out of our touch, but yesterday, ate a Ritz cracker for the first time. 

We hope to be able to touch him, check his hooves, and put his little collar on him (green), too, very soon. 

This was the very last planter I planted this year, and I got the portulaca, angelonia, and geraniums at Wal Mart, at the almost-end of their flower selling season.  I think I got them for 1.00 each. 

This late heat has made them go live... and I'm watering daily, but my gosh, they are so beautiful to see.  

There was so much portulaca, there is some in a planter on the deck, too, and it's blooming away. 

I put four frozen bottles into the waterer for the henspa.  A new waterer is in order.  I don't know if it's the humidity or what, but this one is rusting.  I clean it out daily and I'm packing it with bottles daily now, in the heat wave.  They keep the water very cool until tomorrow morning.  
The top of the nest dwellers, Fancy and his gal Folly, also get bottles in their plastic waterer, and one on top that they can lay against to stay cool. 

I rotate bottles in and out daily.  These were being sprayed off and on their way to the freezer. 

The ducks have the right idea.  Shade.  Cold well water. 
I'll fill their fortex again before we leave for the game tonight, and their pool was just re-filled, too. 

Stay in the shade, guys! 

Our favorite team, the T Bones, have their last homestand these next four nights, and we have tickets for tonight, Wednesday, and Friday.  We are switching Wednesday for Thursday so we can go see two of the Yoder grandbabies tomorrow night. 
Then that will be it until next season! 


  1. I hope it's soon over! Thank goodness goat berries are easy to clean up! :)

  2. Your little goats are adorable.

  3. I hope you stay cool, soon the temperatures will change.

    Do the goats like to play in water? If so, have you considered using an old hose (put little holes in it) and run it over the top of an area where they can play and hook it on an outside faucet.

  4. Thank goodness for shade! Sometimes it just feels like its cooking outside- doesn't it!!
    The flowers are beautiful. The color is fading from our flowers.

  5. Keeping cool in the heat there is no easy thing for you. This week started off close to 90 here and it's been so humid the heat seems worse. I've spent a lot of time indoors so far. I do like that portulaca. My mom used to always have it in her flower beds. So it makes me think of her.
    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. I'm glad everyone is surviving the heat. It is certainly miserable!

  7. Those guys seem to have a handle on the heat. The humidity does not help. We will send you an ocean breeze
    Benny & Lily

  8. Your planters are beautiful. Mom is getting rather lazy about watering her pots, but i heard her ask dad this morning if he would water them for her since he is home today. We haven't even been able to walk out to the fairgrounds at night cos it is to hot here, so mom says we are wild and wooly at night and our house is crazy.
    have a great day
    stella rose

  9. I hope it cools off for you soon. I think that is what has been the hardest thing this summer is trying to keep everyone cool. I am glad that fall will be here and I won't be lugging water and bottles all over the place. Lovely pictures by the way and your flowers are so pretty.

  10. Got the same thing going on here. Love the ritz treat idea. I use peanuts and corn tortillas. The go nuts for the tortillas. But I do have to limit that type of grain smack. You late summer flowers are so pretty

  11. Have fun at the ball games! I'm ready for cooler weather. It's just too hot.

  12. Love the planter, looks great!

    He'll come around. Soon he will be all over both of you.


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