Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Her Paws Hath Wrought

It's no wonder she's tired.

She's been digging to China again.  I noticed a large hole in the side wall of the henhouse, and I am going to have to bring it to Keith's attention tomorrow, or else we are going to have a wholesale slaughter.

She's been digging all along the side of the big henhouse, including under the scaffolding stored in the corner, where she has exposed a bunch of tree roots.  Yes, mice and the odd rat are going in and out on this side, but she must have been at it all day in the wind.  And yes, folks, it's windy here!

We are both still dragging on day 12 of the Crud.  I am actually going to go to the Army post tomorrow and see my healthcare giver, I just cannot seem to knock it, and we suspect a second infection.  Keith is much better, though, despite the odd cough here and there. 

I promise I'll spend some time this weekend looking at everyone's blogs... and putting a decent story on this one! 

I end with a picture of Gremlin ears

Just call her Gizmo!


  1. She is so happy you gave her a home. She is adorable.

  2. Well I guess you have to give her credit for not giving up!

    I hope you are able to kick your illness, and feel better soon.
    That's no fun; being sick is awful!

  3. The crud? We catch that around here from time to time too

  4. The doggies are pretty! Hope you knock that infection and get to feeling better soon!

  5. lol....did you notice all the tin on the ground in our dog pens.....


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