Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Nearly Mended

On the mend today, and we went to a farm show early in the morning, after dropping off the eggs.

The Western Farm Show is held down near Kemper Arena, in the American Royal buildings.  There was a tractor pull in the arena on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  There was a huge crowd.

There were tractors large and small.

I took this for one of my oldest friends, this was her maiden name!

There was even a pink tractor, owned by Harold Denholm of Tonganoxie.

However, we basically walked quickly through this entire large show, as there was nothing aimed at hobbyists, hobby farmers, or small animal keepers.  Nothing.  We were very disappointed in that respect.  There was nothing "chicken" to be seen anywhere.

So, after a two hour walk for excercise, we started home.  We did stop at Big Bob's restaurant in Bonner to have some barbecue... delicious food but big mistake for me, as my stomach is still not right.

So, we came home to watch the Iowa State game... (they won) and then to watch the KU - MU final regular season game.

As you see, Keith had lots of company watching the game.  I was in the recliner with Bessie behind me.

There was great rejoicing in Lawrence, tonight, by the way.

Then we went out to do chores... as you see, the llamas were lined up waiting for Keith.

And he even did the chicken chores, since I'm still pretty tuckered out.  Our poor henhouse, you can see what cleaning we have to do in a few weeks.  The rafters are nasty from the starlings.

Here is Lil on the deck in the late afternoon sunlight.  Just a few hours after this picture, Keith had gone to bed early, and I had taken the little girls out to go potty.  The night is cold but very clear, and you can see the stars forever.  In Troy's back yard, a group of coyotes began to yip and call, very, very close (there is a pond there).  I ran into the house to get the good flashlight that illuminates far away, but by the time I got back out, they were far down the road to the south.  They don't often come clear to the pond in the dark... it is only about 50 feet from the back of Troy's house, so I had hoped to get a glimpse of them.

I was going to blog-hop tonight, but today's trip reminded me that I am still not completely over this virus, so will go to bed early again, and hope to sleep a little later in the morning.  Keith is on vacation this coming week... lucky will get completely caught up on his rest.

Though the farm show was a disappointment for us, next week is the home and garden show in Johnson County.  I went to this two years ago and got some great ideas, so we will give it a try.  We're getting very close to planting potatos and starting seeds.

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