Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Boom, and then Darkness

Last night, at 7:00, Keith had decided to run to the grocery store for peanut butter.  Still not feeling well, neither of us had an appetite... until he decided peanut butter on an English muffin would fill the bill.  Off he went. 

I sat on the couch to watch tv in between the pugs... and at 7:15, the lights popped.... went off.... came on, popped again like a spark, and went out.  I became aware there was a VERY high wind outside, and actually got very scared.  I tried to open the door but it was blowing very hard, and I was afraid the pugs would run out.... then I called and called for Lilly Ann, and didn't see her in the dark.  And I want to tell you... it was pitch.black.dark.  It had rained during the day, and the clouds were still hanging low. 

I came back into the darkened house, and tried to call Keith, who didn't answer.  I sat in the dark and waited for him. 

When he got there, Lil came in with him, and he got the big strong flashlight.  Setting me up with it, he went out to check on everything, and here is what he found in Beau's old stall at the front of the big henhouse.  Yes, it's become a catchall place, and I hope to start getting things in order this weekend, as I feel a big spring cleaning coming on.  Things HAD been stacked neatly, and I think it's interesting that even though we have two elderly trees in our yard, the only things that gone blown over were IN the stall.  The lights were out until 10:45, but I was long in bed.

We are still feeling the lingering effects of the colds we have had.  I can't seem to get an appetite going, and it's hard to regulate your blood sugar when you can't get anything down.  The cough is also driving me crazy; though Keith's is mostly gone, I am still hacking away.  I'll see a doctor if it's still going on by Thursday.

Keith's first question when he got here had been "I need the flashlight.. did the walnut tree go down???"


  1. Glad you made it through safely. It's always scary with lots of trees. We were supposed to get 1/2 inch of rain but barely got any sprinkles. We desperately need the rain.

  2. Wind can do some amazing things! Glad it was not too serious.

    1. Glad nobody was hurt and that no major damage was done! We get high winds here all the time and we had to cut down 2, 100 yr old maple trees in the corner of our barnyard last week before one of then fell on the house :( Sad to see them go but I feel much safer now. Have a great week:)
      hugs, Trish

  3. Strong winds are so scary. We have an oak that is cracking and has lost a lot of limbs.

    Lucky for us it's not close to the house.

    Sorry ya'll are still feeling bad.

  4. Praying you both feel back to normal quickly!



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