Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Random Saturday Post

Comments about things this morning: 

I read an article on the web this week about a nationwide pumpkin shortage because of the weird weather we have had this year. 

On Wednesday, I was at the Leavenworth WalMart.  There were big boxes of pumpkins there, for 4.88 apiece.  They were very nice ones, and I made a mental note to come by and get some next week. 

THEN, Thursday morning, I made a trip to the post for what I thought was an appointment. 
It was actually for Friday (and was rescheduled for next week).  I decided to run in the commissary there while I was on post... and lo and behold, they had GIGANTO pumpkins for 4.50 apiece.  
I told Keith this morning at breakfast that we need to go there next week, load up on pumpkins, and bring 'em back for the little ones, since we did not get any in our garden.  

So, I guess my decorating isn't quite finished. 

Oddly, the Bonner Springs WalMart does not have any pumpkins yet, other than small pie pumpkins. 

Keith did not make it home until 1:30 AM, after missing an early flight because of traffic, and then being delayed by weather all day long.  He came in worn out, and I don't blame him.  It's hard to be out of your own bed for six days. 

We're all glad to have him here, even though he is sound asleep right now. 

The red mum bush has repaid me for all the watering and care I gave this bed this summer.  My gosh... it is a cushion of flower.  The darker red bush is about to bloom behind it, as well. 

While behind it, the mums given to me by stepdaughter Andrea are also starting to bloom... I love this tiny pink, which is probably a lavender. 

With the cooler temps, Abby and Ranger have been able to get out more this week. Actually, Ranger was eating here, and Abby was lurking to see if she could get some. 

No, no, Pudgy Princess! 

This, for those of you who do not know... is a cicada. 

For two months now, they have serenaded us with their song in the evening, by the hundreds.  
Now I am seeing them dead, everywhere, their gossamer wings silenced. 
Yesterday in the big henyard, I saw one in a feeding bowl.. it was still alive, on its feet... but I could tell was almost gone. 
Indeed, when I passed it by a little later, it had flipped onto it's back, dead.  Their lives are so short. 

Hmmmm.  I wonder what's living down here, right in front of the door to the old henhouse? 

Not a snake... and I have not seen any rats in a year and a half. 
That hole is probably as big as a silver dollar. 

Here's Big Brother Kelly last night, watching Lilly in the yard. 
So far, we have not seen any signs of inability to urinate from him, and believe me, I am watching him. 
I have ordered ammonium chloride from Jolly German livestock products, and am going to dose him with it several times when it gets here to make sure any crystals in him have a chance at dissolving.  He is finally let me scratch along his spine and love on him a little... and really has turned into a nice little boy. 

It's a glorious fall day here, and I'm going to get off this computer and get outside! 


I did take one neat picture this week which I never showed you: 



  1. no pumpkin shortage in my neck of the woods! thank god! your mums are gorgeous!

  2. Ain't nobody gonna bother THAT apple!

  3. We've seen lots of pumpkins here!

    I won't be needing that apple, thank you
    very much.

    M : )

  4. Sounds like you had a better deal on pumpkins on base. I haven't been out to Tinker AFB in a while and need to go to get my eyes check, maybe I'll check for pumpkins there. Thanks for advising the base had some where you're at.

    I'm glad to here your husband got back home safe after all that strange weather.

    Beautiful Mums, I love the pictures.

    What is that on the apple, a Daddy Long Legs?

  5. Love the mums, and the cicadas, have only heard them once ... and they come every how many years?

  6. There seems to be no shortage of pumpkins here. I've seen them everywhere. I always wait on getting mine till October. I don't know if I'll even bother this year. Your huge mum plant is just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. Glad things are clicking along for you and everyone is staying well! Neat praying matis picture!! She is big and I bet, ready to lay her sack of eggs. The mornings ARE lovely out - nice ancd cooler!! I'm more than ready for the season to change!! Your flowers are beautiful!

  8. Nice post as always Mary Ann. If you don't use the pumpkin seeds yourself - put them out for the goats to nibble. It is a natural wormer. I think Rylee and I will visit the local orchard today and pick up some pumpkins also. You have motivated me : )

  9. I grew my first pumpkin ever this year!! I've grown everything over the yrs- but never had luck with them-- so proud -wont let anyone touch it!!
    Love that last pic!!

  10. Looks like that walking stick is guarding that apple.

    Beautiful mums. I love them.

  11. I'm hoping since he was neutered differently and somewhere else that and his diet going forward will prevent any possible troubles. I'm praying big time and hoping you've seen the last of that problem. Those red mums are freaking amazing! WOW! Gorgeous. I love mums and those are doing amazing you sure did something right :) Last year was a nightmare for pumpkins here so dry. This year it was colder than usual and quite wet but I've seen no shortage of pumpkins. I didn't grow any because of not gardening much but I've seen whole fields full of them :) I cannot wait to load up. The goats love them to eat, and so do I, once I'm done using them for decorations and seed eating :)


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