Tuesday, September 10, 2013

C'Mon Fall, and a Happy Birthday

Here's my Honey, on his Happy 54th Birthday

Son Brandon, whom we lost in May, also would have celebrated his birthday today. 
He would have been 22, so it was a bittersweet day, but lots of good memories and prayers for Bran.  

Our pear trees are turning golden yellow.  This one still has fruit on it, which I'll pick tomorrow.  I know now to "prune" the smaller fruit so that some grow large.  They are so very sweet!  I ate one while cutting grass tonight. 

The sun shone on Donald, too, while he played in the puddle as I filled their pool this evening. 

I found out, to my chagrin... that my orange lights wound through the leaves are no longer working. 
Darn it!  

I have only one Halloween decoration out ... the pumpkin man, which lights up.  I turned him on for the picture.  I'll bring out the rest of the Halloween things at the end of September. 
Anyway, the sideboard is ready for fall. 

And at the other end of the room, the prim tree is back in the house, and partially decorated for the season.  I still need to decorate the porch. 

I've been busy taking out petunias and planting mums, too, but I'll show you that tomorrow, as I finished so late tonight. 

Tomorrow, Keith's daughters come with their husbands and children to see the Goat Boys for the first time. 
We were going to have a cook out here, but the heat has been so oppressive that we are going to go to dinner at a restaurant instead, celebrating their dad's birthday a day late. 
I'll take plenty of pictures! 

This last picture represents the first cantaloupe I have ever grown successfully. 
"Collective Farm Woman". 

I did not mean to pick this, but it slipped off the vine as I lifted it and I cut it to see if it was ripe. 
It is very sweet tasting, and I am having it at breakfast in the morning. 

I did taste a bit, and it seemed very good.  I have about 3 more small ones, and one large one that I suspect is also ripe. 

We've been eating a lot of fruit here lately, and enjoying it!

Last night, we reached 200 followers. 

Another book giveaway is in order... 
and I'll show it to you tomorrow! 


  1. It's so sad to lose a young person; I never had any children, but I've always heard that the loss of a child is the hardest loss of all. Tell your hubby that I said "Happy Birthday" and at 54, that he's just a young whipper-snapper!

  2. Happy Birthday to Pops.....so sad about your son
    Benny & Lily

  3. Happy Birthday! ........very sad about your son.

  4. I hope it is a very happy birthday celebration. We have the heat on here in Ohio too. It was near 100 here yesterday and it won't be much better today but tomorrow rains come in and then Friday we'll see a big drop in temperature. I love this time of year and have enjoyed melons and apples now too. I haven't seen any pears on the stands yet. How nice it is to have your own pear tree.

  5. Please tell Keith a Happy Birthday from all of us, I can only imagine the sadness he also must feel.

    Wow 200 followers we don't even have 100 yet, you are doing really well, we loved your fall decorations, mom has been lazy and hasn't gotten hers out yet. First, hers has to clean the melted 4th of July stickies off of the front door glass!!
    Stella Rose

  6. A very Happy Birthday to Keith, he's looking good and very happy :) I LOVE your decorations, they look great! :)

  7. Happy Birthday To Your Husband!!!

    God Bless Your Son, I'm so sorry to hear about your son.

    Congratulations on the first cantaloupe, I bet it was nice and sweet :-)

  8. So glad to see that the family gets together for his birthday. Nice photos. I can almost SEE how that cantaloupe will taste. It would be heaven to have a pear tree.

  9. I know it must have been a difficult day for Keith, as many days are now, but I'm so glad he's remembering the happy memories too.

    I really must do something autumn-ish soon.

  10. Sorry for your loss.

    Happy Birthday to fine Hubby.

    That melon looks great.

  11. Congrats on getting 200 followers!

    Happy birthday Keith!

    Glad you are enjoying your fruit. I could only eat a pear right now if it is cut into tiny pieces or cooked. Basically on a poke in diet aka the spoon diet. Can't bite with my front teeth at this time.


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