Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet the New Girls!

Here we are on our way home from friend Diane's on Monday afternoon.  I put the three new pullets in a roomy crate, and added water and some food.  They came from an... er.... hardscrabble existence, but are in very good health. 

I waited until dusk, when I had turned the coop light off, and closed the pophole and door on the side. 

They came right out of the crate and into the coop proper. and of course, a welcoming committee had to jump down and take a few pecks at them. 

The next morning, this is what I found when I opened the door and everyone else had jumped down and run out. 

The three new girls calmly jumped down and checked things out.  This one was having a drink. 
The pullet behind her is one of the three that Nugget hatched out in the spring.  
I now have five new pullets... translates into 3 dozen more eggs a week when they come into lay. 

And look who took them over once they came outside in the run!  Uh huh!  Buddy's Biggest Baby Boy! 

I think they are going to be good additions to the flock here. 

I have noticed now that the robins are gone from our yard and pasture, so fall is surely in the air. 

I took this picture this morning in the pasture: 

You can just feel it, can't you?  Mist was rising off the ponds at the foot of the hill, and the air was crisp and chilly. 

I'm still in shorts, but not for too long, I hope. 

I cut most of the pasture the last two days, and also the yard.  I've been cutting down sunflowers and tidying the garden... and noticed that I am getting a second flush of blooms from a few perennials. 
This afternoon or evening I hope to work on the project I've been putting off all week, and take some pictures to show you. 

I also have a visit to the audiologist today, to finally find out what is going on with my hearing (old age!) and find out what we can do about it. 

Cross your fingers for me! 

Oh, and word about the tomato posts of the last two days. 

If I had taken the time to really prune those plants, I would have had a LOT more tomatoes from them, especially the Abu Rawans.  Each of the two little tomatoes was nice, but I just don't need that many little ones.  They do make a good sauce. 
Note to self:  Next year, better pruning! 

See you tomorrow! 

Oh, I forgot I had a postcript today: 

3 AM last night: 


  1. Very cool image there at the end but a little scary for your little feather friends !

  2. wow...3 dozen more eggs each week! i would be soooo happy!

  3. Hope your new girls enjoy their new home - lucky chickens to have found themselves with you!

  4. Nice looking pullets, nothing like having more eggs to work with :-)

    Oh, lookie lookie a wild visitor, be careful he's obviously looking to see what he can eat.

  5. Strange you are getting the night visitor while it's still so nice out. I hadn't though of it before, but I haven't see robins around here for awhile either.I wonder where they go? More eggs will be nice. I know you donate them. They will be welcome.

  6. Hope your appointment went well! Love the new girls, glad they are quickly adjusting and making themselves at home :) Love this transitional time of year :)

  7. What kind of chickens are they Mary Ann?
    We are just moving into the hottest spring ever in Australia and you are almost at the beginning of your cooler weather. Funny...even though we are in two different hemispheres-we are both wearing shorts just for now!

  8. They will have a good home with ya'll

    That's a big visitor.


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