Saturday, September 14, 2013

And the Winner Is....

The winner of 
"Chickens in the Garden" by Jessi Bloom 

K, if you will contact me here at the blog, or at, I'll be glad to get the book to you. 

I did stop by your gardening blog at 
"K's Garden" 
and left a comment, too, so I hope you see one of them. 

Congratulations, and thanks for commenting! 

Guess what time it is again? 

Time to trim Buffy's beak... already.  See how long it has grown?  

I've never had a chicken that has grown a beak as long or as fast as this one. 

She is almost five now, and no longer laying, but she also layed longer than any chicken I've ever owned. 

Someone asked yesterday if the goats were eating the flowers. 
In a word... YES.  I didn't really mind because the petunias were about finished.  The two mums you see have not been transplanted yet... and oddly, they are not nibbling on them, the plants just need to be trimmed.  The only thing they really damaged was the balsam... and I have plenty of seeds from it for next year. 

Kody, pictured above, has not been himself for three days now, and I am quite worried about him.  I am keeping an eye on him this afternoon, he is not his usual happy little self.  He did do a little browsing, but is laying outside now in the yard in the shade. He is not running and jumping as he usually does, and I went out to do the henspa water, and no happy goat came running to see what I was doing and get in my way. 

I won't hesitate to call the vet tonight or tomorrow if we need an emergency visit.  Kelly is sticking close to him, I notice... but he is showing the same signs as Kaycee did. 

Someone else is very happy that the horrible heat has broken.  We are at 81 degrees this afternoon, and I have jeans on. 

I am going to stop here now.  We have been watching Kody and are worried about him.  I have called our vet and left a message with a "911" notation after it, and described what was happening. 

I'm going to go out and check him now and wait for her call. 


  1. Do hope Kody will be ok!! Heart goes out to you!

  2. thank you for all the love you have been sending
    love forever

  3. I hope the vet calls you right away, I'm hoping it's not the same
    thing Kaycee had.

  4. Thank you, Mary Ann! Praying for Kaycee.

  5. I know how much I hate it when one of the horses is sick and I'm waiting for the vet to call me back.


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